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MIT Radio Astronomer's,'Zoo Theory', a step further why Aliens never contacted humans; what's Pentagon hiding?

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 31 December 2017, 12:33 PM
Why the aliens are reluctant to contact humans? (Representative image)
Why the aliens are reluctant to contact humans? (Representative image)

Yes, it is true, they are probably somewhere there outside, watching us, every move of ours, measuring the depth of our oceans, heights of our highest peaks probably in seconds yet not saying a single word to us.

Except for once in 1967 when some Cambridge astronomers detected an inexplicable radio signal from the distant Vulpecula constellation, there has not been a single instance of such a recurrence ever after.

However, MIT’s Radio Astronomer John A Ball’s, “Zoo Theory,” probably has the answer as to why humans have not been able to establish an Alien contact successfully.

"We had to face the possibility that the signals were, indeed, generated on a planet circling some distant star, and that they were artificial," said Anthony Hewish, who led the team for the discovery and later won a Nobel Prize, as told by MTI Technology Review.

According to the Zoo theory of Radio Astronomer John A Ball, earth is like a zoo and all its inhabitants are like creatures in the zoo and the aliens are the zookeepers, watching and monitoring our activities from a distance without interfering in our daily lives.

In the paper, Ball wrote, "ETI (extraterrestrial intelligence) may be discreetly and inconspicuously watching us but not dabbling."

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It would be very early and judgmental to say anything about the state of affairs in the extra-terrestrial world.

But what is amazing is that, the Pentagon of the US that conducted secret Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program for five years has been stark silent on the issue of whether it has been able to establish any kind of contact.

According to Luis Elizondo, a former Pentagon worker who ran the program, the alien thing is real and the government also know that. Is the US government hiding something? That’s the most perplexing question.

First Published: Sunday, December 31, 2017 12:01 AM

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