Asteroid Alert! Here’s How Giant Space Rocks Hurtling Towards Earth Can Be DESTROYED

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 31 August 2019, 07:49 AM
Asteroid (File Photo)
Asteroid (File Photo)
    • Experts are concerned that there is no solid plan to protect us from a deadly asteroid. 
    • Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) to be used to redirect an asteroids path when it heads towards Earth.
    • Nuclear arsenal can be used to destroy asteroids. 

Asteroids, asteroids and asteroids. A large number of asteroids are hovering all around the Earth and we might get hit too sooner or later. Yes, you read it right. In recent times, many giant asteroids including 2019 OK, 2019 OD, 2015 HM10, 2019 OE, 2019 NN3, 2019 MB4, 2019 MT2, 2006 QV89, 2016 NO56M, RF12 and others approached towards the Earth, fortunately did not hit our planet. It is said that Earth will reach to its end one day and one of the possible reason for this could be an asteroid. Notably, asteroids are small, rocky objects that orbit the Sun. The space rocks (asteroids) approach towards the Earth due to the gravitational forces that affect them. Asteroids can bring tsunamis, shock waves and flattening winds that could be catastrophic. Well, NASA believes there is a one in 300,000 chance every year that a space rock can hit our planet. On the other hand, some experts are concerned that there is no solid plan to protect us from a killer rock, reports 

“We have theories for how we might protect our planet in the event of a near-Earth object strike. But what we don’t have – yet – is an organised and practiced strategy for that defence,” Journalist Bryan Walsh wrote in his new titled book End Times.
 However, NASA and other space agencies have a plan to protect Earth which is still in testing mode. Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) will be used to redirect an asteroids path when it heads towards Earth. Yes, you read it right. Also, there is another option which can be used to destroy killer space rocks is the use of nuclear arsenal.  

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According to a report of, a team from Tomsk State University’s Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics already have a solution to destroy an asteroid with a diameter of 200 metres using nuclear weapons. “In the order of things people should be worried about, Near Earth Objects isn’t highest on the list,” Lindley Johnson, the planetary defence officer for NASA, told Bryan Walsh.  

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It is worth mentioning here that according to a report published by, there are more than 7 lakh asteroids that have been found in space. Asteroids are mainly found in an area called the ‘main belt’, between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

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