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Alert! Two massive asteroids ‘2019 NF1’, ‘2019 NJ2’ set to approach towards Earth THIS week, may hit us

National Aeronautics And Space Administration (NASA) Has Spotted Two Massive Asteroids Named As ‘2019 NF1’ And ‘2019 NJ2’ Are Set To Approach Towards Earth. However, The Two Asteroids Will Not Hit The Earth.

Reported By : News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Anurag Singh | Updated: 15 July 2019, 09:34:07 AM
Asteroids 2019 NF1 & 2019 NJ2 (File Photo)

Asteroids 2019 NF1 & 2019 NJ2 (File Photo)

New Delhi:

It seems that space is really furious on us as two more deadly asteroids are approaching towards Earth. Notably, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has spotted two massive asteroids named as ‘2019 NF1’ and ‘2019 NJ2’ are set to approach towards Earth. However, the two asteroids will not hit the Earth.

According to the NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), the first asteroid that will fly past the Earth this week is 2019 NF1.

The agency stated that the asteroid is currently traveling at a speed of 23,264 miles per hour. It further estimated that the asteroid 2019 NF1 has a diameter of 315 feet. Asteroid 2019 NF1 is expected to approach our planet on July 17 at 5:09 am (Standard Time). During its approach, 2019 NF1 will be about 0.04940 astronomical units or roughly 4.6 million miles away from the planet’s centre.

CNEOS also said that 2019 NF1 is a frequent visitor to Earth’s vicinity. “First observed on July 2, CNEOS noted that 2019 NF1 has been visiting Earth’s neighborhood since 1915. The last time it approached the planet was in January. Before that, the asteroid zip past Earth twice in 2018. The close approaches happened in March and June of last year,” CNEOS noted.

Apart from Earth, 2019 NF1 is also known to orbit Venus.

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Coming to the second asteroid that will zoom past the Earth this week is 2019 NJ2. With an estimated diameter of around 207 feet, the 2019 NF1 is currently traveling at a speed of 30,000 miles per hour.

According to the CNEOS, the asteroid will reach its closes distance to Earth on July 19 at 7.53 pm (Standard Time). The agency predicted that the asteroid will be about 0.03421 astronomical units or roughly 3.1 million miles away from the planet’s centre during its approach.

2019 NJ2 was first observed on June 29 this year. CNEOS data says that the asteroid’s first recorded close approach happened in 1952 when the space rock flew near Venus.

The CNEOS said that the asteroid 2019 NJ2 is expected to return to Earth’s neighbourhood on July 7, 2119. During that time, 2019 NJ2 will be flying at a much farther distance from Earth compared to its upcoming approach. CNEOS further estimated that it will be about 0.25594 astronomical units or around 23.8 million miles away from Earth during its future visit in 2119.   

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First Published : 15 July 2019, 09:34:07 AM