Rahasya | Mystery behind bizarre 'Jalkund' which can differentiate between Bilva and other leaves

Updated On : 04 Mar,2018 | 14:08 PM
Hindus worship Lord Shiva with different beliefs offering different items in materialistic forms such as milk, fruits, ghee, flowers, honey to appease the deity. Among all these, 'Bilva Patra' is the most important one which has its own importance and significance attached to it. Meanwhile, a mysterious 'Jalkund', discovered near a Shiva temple in Madhya Pradesh's Sagar district has left everyone shocked. According to reports, the bizarre 'Kund' is able to differentiate between 'Bilva' and other leaves. Watch News Nation's special show 'Rahasya' to know the truth behind this 'out of the ordinary' Kund.

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