Maharashtra-Haryana Assembly Elections


New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 25 March 2015, 02:06 PM

Virgos, the perfectionists of the Zodiac, are advised to bear patience in all sort of adverse situations. 

Hurting others by speaking foul/hurting words may land Virgos in trouble during Navaratras.

Paying reverence to goddess Durga and chant the "Durga Saptshadi" will bring good fortune.

Seeking wishes and blessings of the girl-children is considered pious.

 They should offer prayers to Lord Shani Dev. Keeping a black/brown dog as pet is unchancy. Donning black clothes is considered auspicious and in addition, a silver ring in the fingers or a silver chain around the neck is favourable.

First Published: Tuesday, March 24, 2015 06:05 PM
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