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Navratri fasting tips for housewives, pregnant ladies and working women!

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 12 October 2015, 11:14 AM

Fasting and feasting are quite synonymous during the 9 holy days of Navratri. So much is available online regarding the fasting ways but very little is known about the correct combinations to stay healthy and fit.

Thus, we give you a combined platform to know about fasting tips for housewives, pregnant ladies and working women. Here are the tips, follow them dilligently for a healthy you.

Fasting for housewives:

Even though you are at home and for many you are at complete ease but correct intakes of food items is necessary to maintain a good physique. Remember you are the ‘annapurna’, so if you fall ill it might become difficult for the complete family to manage properly.

Just start your day with a cup of green tea and two dates. For breakfast, you can eat fruits, nuts and raisins and have milkshake/ kheer/ coconut water around noon. If you also go for lunch then saudana khichdi/ rajgira roti with lauki/ arbi sabzi and a glass of chhaas with rock salt can be a good option.

In the evening, you can try fruit yoghurt, aloo chat or aloo palak salad. Finally, for dinner, combine vegetable soup with a bowl of salad and kuttu ka atta followed by low-fat lauki halwa or carrot halwa

With all these items, we are sure that you will get just the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in even proportions.

Fasting for pregnant ladies:

Though many consider it unsafe for pregnant ladies to fast, but it is completely ok if you are going through a normal and healthy pregnancy.

Fasting should be avoided during the first and third trimester, second being fine; however, if you still choose to continue then first consult your doctor for the development of foetus.

Also, remember these tips while fasting during pregnancy:

As your child depends on your diet, never go on ‘water fasting’. Also, make sure that you are not depriving your body of energy. Eat fresh fruits and edibles to avoid weakness, anaemia and fatigue.

Feasting should also be avoided, take proper intakes of vitamin, carbohydrate and fats to manage the momentum of your body. Do eat in 2 hours of gap as this will prevent acidity.

Just don’t munch on potatoes instead go for healthy snacks and don’t cut on fluid diet. A no-salt diet is also a no-no as it can lead to terrible weakness.

Just remember that your body is your best consultant; never ignore body’s signals just listen to it adherently.

Fasting for working women:

Fasting during Navratri and managing office work can be a bit tiresome but a little combination can make things work really well.

Before discussing the dietary plans, one must make sure that stressful conditions should be avoided as getting tiresome defeat the purpose of fasting.

Now coming to fasting, high calorie food items must be avoided and more fruits must be brought in to keep yourself active and full of energy.

Banana, papaya, apples and guava will give you instant energy and keep you fit for a long time. Also, keep eating every 2 hours to prevent acidity as it worsen your troubles.

If you have a sitting job, try to move around after every half an hour and maintain the intake of salt in your diet.

First Published: Thursday, March 19, 2015 03:04 PM
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