Why alcohol and non-veg is avoided during Navratras?

New Delhi, Bindiya Bhatt | Updated : 24 September 2014, 05:29 PM

We have been told since childhood to follow certain rules during Navratras. There are certain things we are told to avoid during the nine divine nights, including non-veg, alcohol, onion and garlic. But what is the significance of staying away from these foods and liquor? Well, there are various tales that have their own reasons of avoiding such items. In order to find out the reason, we spoke to various pandits and some old people. Here is what they have to say.

“In Sanatan dharma, there is no place for non-veg and alcohol. Moreover, non-veg and alcohol are Tamsik, which gives birth to anger. We should eat good in order to build divine qualities inside us. Jaisa Hoga Ann, Waisa Hoga Mann,” Aacharya Shailesh Tiwari says.

The food items are categorised as satvik, rajsik or tamsik. Satvik food provides calmness, purity and promotes longevity, intelligence, strength, health, happiness and delight. Satvik food items include fruits, vegetables, leaves, grains, cereals, milk, honey. These items can be consumed as they are.

Rajsik food items possess attributes of negativity, passion and restlessness, while tamsik food include meat, onions and garlic. Only satvik food is offered to God.

“Non-veg and alcohol are tamsik food items bring aggression, while satvik food items provide calmness and purity and can be offered to God. Scientifically too, tamsik are not considered good for health, while satvik food items are healthy,” says Pandit Surendranath Awdhut. 

“I read this story in the holy book. Vaishnavi or Vaishno Devi wanted to marry Lord Rama, who during his fourteen years of exile visited her. She recognised him immediately and asked him to marry her. Lord Rama said it was not the appropriate time and told her he would visit her again after his exile ends. He said if she succeeded in recognising him at that time, he would fulfil her wish. Vaishnavi kept fast while she eagerly waited for Lord Rama, who visited her again after being victorious in the battle but he came in the disguise of an old man. Unfortunately, Vaishnavi did not recognize him this time. Lord Rama then said that the appropriate time would come eventually in Kaliyug,”  Neeru Chhibber, a devotee who has visited Vaishno Devi shrine 23 times and has been reading the holy book ‘Durga Saptsati’ on every Navratra since ages, says. 

“So, Vaishnavi never had non-veg food and since she fasted for Lord Rama that I the reason people avoid having non-veg and fast during these days,” she adds.

First Published: Tuesday, September 23, 2014 11:52 PM
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