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Modi Budget 2.0: Focus on 8.4% growth, says top NITI Aayog official Rajiv Kumar

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 06 July 2019, 03:47 PM
Modi Budget 2.0 LIVE (File Photo)
Modi Budget 2.0 LIVE (File Photo)

News Nation's 'Modi Budget 2.0' Sammelan has taken place in New Delhi, a day after India's first full-time woman Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented Modi 2.0 government's Budget for the financial year 2019-20. Some of the key speakers at the conclave are - Minister of State (MoS) for Finance Anurag Thakur, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan, HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, Union Minister for Housing and Urban Affairs Hardeep Singh Puri and Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari among others. The top leaders from the Modi 2.0 Cabinet will be assembling at the our 'Modi Budget 2.0' Sammelan to discuss on a wide range of topics, including employment, farmers, education, health and small-scale industries among other ongoing issues concerning the nation today.

Here are the LIVE Updates:

  Jul 06, 2019  13:51 (IST)

The session concludes.

  Jul 06, 2019  13:49 (IST)

Kumar said that the Union Budget is picture on a huge canvas without going into nitty-gritty. It should be seen as hallmark of new vision, says Kumar.

  Jul 06, 2019  13:42 (IST)

On population dividend, Kumar explained that women empowerment is the key to resolve the issue. He cited the southern states, where population growth has stabilised. He also rejected the idea of new policy for population control. He said that rather the focus should be on educating and nurturing women population.  

  Jul 06, 2019  13:37 (IST)

We need to change our cropping patterns, says Rajiv Kumar.

  Jul 06, 2019  13:36 (IST)

Don’t take showers for daily bath, use bucket, don’t wash your cars, Kumar on ways to solve water crisis. 

  Jul 06, 2019  13:33 (IST)

On so-called ‘tax terrorism’, Kumar says that such individuals should give honest feedback to government.

  Jul 06, 2019  13:32 (IST)

Offshore investment must be curbed, Niti Aayog will tackle this, says Kumar.

  Jul 06, 2019  13:31 (IST)

Taxation scrutiny has been made online, more efforts are being made for greater transparency, says Kumar. 

  Jul 06, 2019  13:30 (IST)

On water crisis, Rajiv Kumar says that maximum water is used in irrigation. Crops that use minimum water should be encouraged, Kumar says. 

  Jul 06, 2019  13:28 (IST)

Issues of all investors will be resolved, says Rajiv Kumar.

  Jul 06, 2019  13:28 (IST)

There are many sectors in which we can easily achieve double-digit growth, says Rajiv Kumar.  

  Jul 06, 2019  13:26 (IST)
Session 4: Niti Aayog vice-president Rajiv Kumar

Talking to News Nation's Ajay Kumar, Niti Aayog vice-president Rajiv Kumar says the focus is on 8.4% growth. 

  Jul 06, 2019  12:20 (IST)

Modi Budget 2.0: Panel discussion concludes.

  Jul 06, 2019  12:12 (IST)

Growth can only be delivered by building more hospitals and infrastructure: MK Venu

  Jul 06, 2019  12:10 (IST)

Infrastructure is expanding in country, this shows governments commitment towards development, says Sachin Chaturvedi.

  Jul 06, 2019  12:08 (IST)

There is a focus on entrepreneurship, start ups: Sachin Chaturvedi

  Jul 06, 2019  12:07 (IST)

PM Modi made paradigm shift in policies: Sachin Chaturvedi

  Jul 06, 2019  12:05 (IST)

For growth, leasing out land to industries needs to be made easy: NC Saxena

  Jul 06, 2019  12:03 (IST)

We delivered in last five years, we will continue the development work: Zafar Islam

  Jul 06, 2019  12:01 (IST)

Policy direction was changed this Budget promising growth for everyone, says Zafar Islam

  Jul 06, 2019  11:58 (IST)

GST needs intervention. Proper taxation needs to be in place: M K Venu

  Jul 06, 2019  11:57 (IST)

Macro economic stabilisition missing out this budget: M K Venu

  Jul 06, 2019  11:56 (IST)

Growth missing out in this Budget, says MK Venu

  Jul 06, 2019  11:55 (IST)

Modi 2.0 Budget was interesting: Sachin Chaturvedi

  Jul 06, 2019  11:55 (IST)

Macro economic stability must for development: Sachin Chaturvedi

  Jul 06, 2019  11:54 (IST)

There should be a disciplined growth, says Sachin Chaturvedi.

  Jul 06, 2019  11:52 (IST)

Women empowerment overlooked this budget, says N. C. Saxena

  Jul 06, 2019  11:51 (IST)

Total number of jobs have gone down. Section of society jobless, says N. C. Saxena

  Jul 06, 2019  11:51 (IST)

Argarian distress needs our immidiate attention: N. C. Saxena

  Jul 06, 2019  11:50 (IST)

Need to increase number of doctors and nurses in rural areas: N. C. Saxena

  Jul 06, 2019  11:49 (IST)

Rate of growth of bottom 50 per cent need to be looked into, says N. C. Saxena

  Jul 06, 2019  11:32 (IST)
Modi Budget 2.0

Modi Budget 2.0: Session 2 with Anurag Thakur concludes.

  Jul 06, 2019  11:31 (IST)

People participation important in creating US dollar 5 trillion economy.

  Jul 06, 2019  11:30 (IST)

Talking about World Cup 2019, "Hope that India wins tournament. We have a balanced side."

  Jul 06, 2019  11:29 (IST)

Team India Budget for New India, says Anurag Thakur on Budget 2019.

  Jul 06, 2019  11:28 (IST)

We had very less time to prepare Budget: Thakur

  Jul 06, 2019  11:26 (IST)

Youth empowerment, argarian distress was main focus of Budget 2019.

  Jul 06, 2019  11:25 (IST)

India will be the fastest growing economy: Thakur

  Jul 06, 2019  11:24 (IST)

Ensuring that every house in India has water supply: Thakur

  Jul 06, 2019  11:23 (IST)

Rs 18,000 crore electricity bill reduced by PM Modi's government. We will continue the efforts, says Anurag Thakur

  Jul 06, 2019  11:22 (IST)
Anurag Thakur discussing Modi Budget 2.0 in News Nation conclave

  Jul 06, 2019  11:21 (IST)

None corrupt will be spared. We have come up with strict laws: Thakur

  Jul 06, 2019  11:20 (IST)

Less than 3.5 crore people used to pay tax earlier. It is only because PM Modi's efforts that the tax payers have doubled: Anurag Thakur

  Jul 06, 2019  11:15 (IST)

Government proposed a 100 percent foreign direct investment (FDI) in the insurance intermediaries in the Union Budget 2019: Thakur

  Jul 06, 2019  11:12 (IST)

PM Modi's government never compromised on corruption: Thakur

  Jul 06, 2019  11:11 (IST)

Many corrupt bank officials languishing in jails, no one will be spared in this government: Anurag Thakur

  Jul 06, 2019  11:10 (IST)

Banks were allocated Rs 70,000 crore in the budget. This will result in stronger banks: Anurag Thakur

  Jul 06, 2019  11:08 (IST)

Government working at employment opportunities: Thakur

  Jul 06, 2019  11:05 (IST)

Unemployment has gone down. Government working with dedication: Anurag Thakur

  Jul 06, 2019  11:04 (IST)

Want to move away from colonialism, named the budghet Bahi Khata: Anurag Thakur

  Jul 06, 2019  11:02 (IST)

Anurag Thakur takes to stage, explains 'bahi khata'.

  Jul 06, 2019  10:34 (IST)

Stay tuned for next discussion in News Nation conclave on Modi Budget 2.0.

  Jul 06, 2019  10:33 (IST)

Conclave with Nitin Gadkari concludes.

  Jul 06, 2019  10:31 (IST)

Plastic waste management needs intervention. In counsultation with local adminstrations for building up segregation plants: Gadkari

  Jul 06, 2019  10:25 (IST)

There will be a massive development in next two years: Gadkari

  Jul 06, 2019  10:24 (IST)

There will be electric buses in next six months in Delhi: Gadkari

  Jul 06, 2019  10:23 (IST)

Mahindra and Tata have come up with some quality electric vehicles.

  Jul 06, 2019  10:23 (IST)

Never said there will be EVs in next 2 years. The process takes time. The government is working hard: Gadkari

  Jul 06, 2019  10:21 (IST)

There will be a clean Ganga before the end of March 2020: Gadkari

  Jul 06, 2019  10:19 (IST)

We have Rs 20,000 crore in store for Ganga cleaning. We are running multiple projects to ensure cleaning at the earliest: Nitin Gadkari

  Jul 06, 2019  10:17 (IST)

New projects will ensure employment: Gadkari

  Jul 06, 2019  10:14 (IST)

Planning to work on double decker bus with air hostess like conductors: Gadkari

  Jul 06, 2019  10:12 (IST)

Everyone should understand London Transport Model. It can help understand people what I am dreaming about: Gadkari

  Jul 06, 2019  10:10 (IST)

Electric automobiles will be choice of people soon, will cut their expenses: Gadkari

  Jul 06, 2019  10:48 (IST)

I am in touch with foreign companies for better roads: Gadkari

  Jul 06, 2019  10:08 (IST)

Green Highways necessary for curbing pollution menace: Gadkari

  Jul 06, 2019  10:05 (IST)

Working on electric Highway. There will be playgrounds, restaurants on road sides: Gadkari

  Jul 06, 2019  10:04 (IST)

Have started planting 1.25 crore plants in India: Nitin Gadkari on Green Highways.

  Jul 06, 2019  10:03 (IST)

Proper garbage dumping, recycling needed to curb Delhi pollution, says Nitin Gadkari. Have spoken to Delhi LG.

  Jul 06, 2019  10:00 (IST)

Road grid project has been initiated. There will be a massive connectivity soon: Gadkari

  Jul 06, 2019  09:58 (IST)

The government is committed to curb pollution. New highways will ensure that, says Nitin Gadkari

  Jul 06, 2019  09:57 (IST)

Making roads at an expense of Rs 50,000 crore in Delhi: Gadkari

  Jul 06, 2019  09:56 (IST)

In next five years there will be a massive development in India: Nitin Gadkari

  Jul 06, 2019  09:56 (IST)

Making roads that ensure less accidents: Gadkari in News Nation Conclave.

  Jul 06, 2019  09:54 (IST)

There are 6.5 lakh villages in India. We are prioritising our work. There will be a throughout connectivity soon: Nitin Gadkari

  Jul 06, 2019  09:52 (IST)

Working towards better roads in Mumbai: Gadkari

  Jul 06, 2019  09:49 (IST)

Public investment, Foreign investment necessary for development. Only government funds can't help: Nitin Gadkari.

  Jul 06, 2019  09:47 (IST)

Budget showed the development vision: Garkari

  Jul 06, 2019  09:46 (IST)

I have started 2-wheeler taxi system. Now motorbikes will work as taxis, says Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari.

  Jul 06, 2019  09:45 (IST)

Government's vision for development is very clear: Nitin Gadkari

  Jul 06, 2019  09:40 (IST)

News Nation conclave commences.

  Jul 06, 2019  09:39 (IST)
Modi Budget 2.0 LIVE: Who is Nitin Gadkari?

Gadkari, who is one of the major successes in the Modi 1.0 Cabinet between 2014 and 2019, has retained the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in the second term of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government as well.

The Union Minister is credited to increase the pace of road construction in the country from 2 km/day to 16.5 km/day in his first year and to 21 km/day in the second year and end of 2018 30 km/day. 

  Jul 06, 2019  09:37 (IST)
Union Minister Nitin Gadkari to discuss governments's strategy on building infrastructure.

During her marathon Budget speech at Parliament, Sitharaman on Friday said there will be a comprehensive restructuring of National Highways Programme to ensure creation of National Highways Grid of desirable capacity.

  Jul 06, 2019  09:33 (IST)
News Nation's special coverage on Nirmala Sitharaman's $5-trillion vision

Conclave to begin shortly

First Published: Saturday, July 06, 2019 09:30 AM
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