India vs Ireland, Highlights 1st T20I: Chahal, Kuldeep wreck havoc as India win by 76 runs

28 June 2018, 12:07 AM
India vs Ireland, Live Score 1st T20I
India vs Ireland, Live Score 1st T20I

While the whole world is upbeat about the Indian tour of England, the passionate Irish crowd are waiting for the two-match T20I series against the ‘Men in Blue’ at The Village in Dublin.

After all, this will be the first-ever international match for India here, and the sell-out crowd of 11,350 will be keen to see the superstars in action in the flesh.

A lot of teams have made the cardinal sin of taking the Associate nations lightly, with one eye on bigger series. England discovered it against Scotland recently, when they were stunned in a one-off ODI. Ireland have always been a defiant unit and won’t be brushed aside easily, at least not when they are hosts.

The Indian side is complete with proven IPL performers who have had a rigorous season recently. The likes of Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli, and MS Dhoni have been regulars in the format for quite a long time. The bowling unit of Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jasprit Bumrah, Yuzvendra Chahal, and Kuldeep Yadav is one that evokes awe, even for the opponents.

However, Ireland do have seasoned campaigners of their own, led by new captain Gary Wilson. The experience of Kevin O’Brien, Boyd Rankin, and Paul Stirling helps them stay competitive against any side, while the likes of Simi Singh and Peter Chase give a peek into the potential that is flowing in their squad.

Highlights of Ireland vs India T20I:

Virat Kohli: Opening combination was excellent. Great effort by Rohit and Shikhar to put us in the good position. And good strikes from MS, Raina and Pandya in the end. Bowlers did a clinical job too. We are going to be flexible in the next few T-20 matches. It presents the opportunity for the batsmen who don't get the opportunity to bat. The guys who don't get a chance too will get an opportunity in the next match. The guys are fine with this decision.

# Kuldeep Yadav, Man of the match: This is my first trip to UK and it has started well. I think the wicket was good to bat on and it was turning a little bit. We bowled variations and tried to bowl in the right areas. Me and Chahal talk a lot when we bowl. First Chahal bowled and he told me that pitch is little slow. If we use variations nicely it will be difficult for England too.

# Gary Wilson: They are a world class side and their top-2 played beautifully. I did not expect it to spin as it did in the second innings. We could have bowled spinners in the powerplay. We are going to have a chat to tackle their spinners.

# India have won by 76 runs! It was a comprehensive performance that was way beyond the means of Ireland who limped throughout their innings. That they could reach 132/9 in their allotted overs was largely due to the efforts of one of their batsmen named Shannon.

# 19.6 Overs: Bumrah to Chase, no run.

# 19.5 Overs: Bumrah to Rankin, 1 run.

# 19.4 Overs: 1 run. A quick single towards mid-off who has a vain shy at the striker's end.

# 19.3 Overs: 1 run. Gets a thick edge towards third-man for a single.

# 19.2 Overs: No run. A slower ball that hits Rankin's pads and goes behind the wicket to Dhoni.

# 19.1 Overs: Bumrah to Rankin, no run.

# 18.6 Overs: Kumar to Rankin, 1 run.

# 18.5 Overs: 1 run. Nudges this through the covers for a single.

# 18.4 Overs: 1 run. Comes down once again and smashes him towards long-on for a single.

# 18.3 Overs: Kumar to Rankin, 1 run.

# 18.2 Overs: No run. Skips down the track and plays it towards the short extra cover.

# 18.1 Overs: No run. Beats the outside edge as Rankin tries to push it through the covers.

# 17.6 Overs: No run. Moves to the leg-side and pushes this towards the covers. No chance of a run even if Pandya tried his best to let them steal one.

# 17.5 Overs: Bumrah to Chase, no run

# 17.4 Overs: No run. Plays that with a hard bat on the off-side. Is the end near?

# 17.3 Overs: No run. Another beautiful yorker and Chase keeps that out with a defensive push towards mid-on.

# 17.2 Overs: No run. Goes for a heave over mid-wicket and misses out.

# 17.1 Overs: OUT. Excellent yorker from Bumrah cleans Dockrell up. Forgive me Dockrell, but better batsmen have found that tough to negotiate. The yorker cannons into the bottom of the stumps and Ireland are nine down. Dockrell b Bumrah 9(6)

# 16.6 Overs: 1 run. Flicked to mid-wicket for a single.

# 16.5 Overs: 1 run. Another slower delivery and this time he pushes it towards the leg-side for a single to mid-wicket.

# 16.4 Overs: Pandya to Rankin, no run.

# 16.3 Overs: No run. A slower bouncer and Rankin fails to get a bat on that.

# 16.2 Overs: 1 run. A slower ball and that's punched down the ground towards long-on for a single.

# 16.1 Overs: Pandya back now! No run. Makes room to hit inside out. Gets an edge that goes on the leg-side. Good stop by Dhoni to stop any thoughts of a single.

# 15.6 Overs: No run. Another googly, but confidently defended towards the short extra cover.

# 15.5 Overs: OUT. He had no idea how the delivery turns and gets beaten! Googly! Stuart Poynter b Kuldeep Yadav 7(9)

# 15.4 Overs: 2 runs. Goes for the sweep and gets two for his effort. That's nicely swept towards mid-wicket by Poynter.

# 15.3 Overs: 1 run. Comes around the wicket and Dockrell picks up a single with a push towards point.

# 15.2 Overs: SIX. Wowwwww! That's a gorgeous shot for six. Dockrell lofts this fuller ball down the ground for a mighty six. What a shot!

# 15.1 Overs: OUT. That's heaved towards long-on, but straight to the fielder there. Pandya makes no mistake this time.
Thompson tries to take the chinaman bowler on and hits it hard, but finds the fielder perfectly. S Thompson c Hardik Pandya b Kuldeep Yadav 12(8)

# 14.6 Overs: 1 run. A shorter ball this time and that goes to the deep square-leg fielder on the bounce for a single.

# 14.5 Overs: FOUR. Wow! Some aggression from the batsman, who makes room by moving on the leg-side and smashes this through the covers for a four. Thompson played it right in the gap there.

# 14.4 Overs: Pandya to Poynter, 1 run.

# 14.3 Overs: Pandya to Thompson, 1 run.

# 14.2 Overs: Pandya to Poynter, 1 run.

# 14.1 Overs: 2 runs. Pushed towards deep cover and picks up a single on offer.

# 13.6 Overs: 1 run. That's pushed - slightly uppish - towards long-on for a single to keep the strike.

# 13.5 Overs: 1 run. Charges down the track and miscues his heave over mid-wicket. Gets a single towards deep third-man.

# 13.4 Overs: 2 runs. Nicely driven through the covers and the long-off fielder does well to limit them to a couple.

# 13.3 Overs: Yadav to Poynter, 1 leg bye.

# 13.2 Overs: 1 run. Not far off from the out-stretched left hand of the bowler. Thompson pushed it down the ground and it was agonisingly close to Yadav, who made a full-length dive for that catch.

# 13.1 Overs: 2 runs. That comes in after pitching and Thompson pushes this towards deep cover for a couple of runs.

# 12.6 Overs: No run. Pushes towards short mid-wicket and the end of a great over.

# 12.5 Overs: No run. Another generous leg-spinner and that's smashed straight into the hands of the extra cover.

HAT-TRICK BALL coming up for Chahal. Stuart Poynter is the new batsman.

# 12.4 Overs: OUTAnother simple stumping for Dhoni. Wilson st Dhoni b Chahal 5(9)

# 12.3 Overs: OUT. Tossed up generously and O'Brien holes out to the man at long-off. He was trying to repeat the dose from earlier this over. However, that was a tad away from his body and O'Brien ended up dragging it. Kevin O Brien c Dhawan b Chahal 10(5)

# 12.2 Overs: 2 runs. Turning delivery, way outside off. O'Brien throws his hands at that and picks up a couple of runs towards deep cover.

The ball is lost and had to be changed!

# 12.1 Overs: SIX. Launches this way over long-on for a massive six. This is what you want to see from O'Brien, who is easily one of the strongest hitters among Associate nations.

# 11.6 Overs: 1 run. Goes back and punches towards long-off for a single. Ireland 88/4

# 11.5 Overs: 1 run. Pushed towards backward square and they claim an easy single.

# 11.4 Overs: Yadav to O'Brien, 1 run. Tries to heave it, gets an edge towards backward square for a single. More of the inside half of the edge there.

# 11.3 Overs: OUT. The quicker one on the stumps and that's given out. The umpire took his time there and rose his finger. That was the quicker one from the chinaman and Shannon gets rapped on the pads after missing on his sweep. Shannon lbw b Kuldeep Yadav 60(35)

# 11.2 Overs: 1 run. Pulls the reverse sweep and finds the backward point fielder. Gets a single, though.

# 11.1 Overs: 1 run. That's nicely swept towards square-leg for a single.

# 10.6 Overs: 2 runs. A googly now and Wilson waits for it and pushes through backward point. Gets a couple of runs. Ireland 83/3

# 10.5 Overs: 1 run. Punched towards deep cover for a single.

# 10.4 Overs: Chahal to Wilson, 1 run.

# 10.3 Overs: No run. O ho ho ho! He was trying to sweep that, a pre-meditated one. Gets a fuller one on the off-stump and paddles it on the off-side. One bounce to the man behind point.

# 10.2 Overs: 1 run. Pushed through the covers and a single for the batsman.

# 10.1 Overs: SIX. Ho ho ho! Shannon continues to play with his cannon. That was smashed over deep square for a six.

# 9.6 Overs: No run. Googly this time and Wilson is beaten once again by the turn. A stifled appeal this time, but that was missing off.

# 9.5 Overs: No run. That's generously tossed up and the batsman is beaten on the sweep. A huge appeal for LBW and that looked mighty close. Not given by the umpire.

# 9.4 Overs: No run. Goes for the reverse and gets beaten. These batsmen have no idea which way Kuldeep will turn.

# 9.3 Overs: OUTSquared him up and gets a wicket. Simi Singh was looking to play on the leg-side, gets beaten by the googly and a leading edge goes straight into the hands of extra cover. As simple as that and Yadav gets on the board. Simi Singh c Kohli b Kuldeep Yadav 7(10)

# 9.2 Overs: No run. Bigggg shout from Kuldeep for the LBW. But, that was turning and also hit him high. Missing stumps?

# 9.1 Overs: No run. Oh dear! What was that? Definitely not the way you play Kuldeep.

# 8.6 Overs: No run. Just short of the flying backward point. That was tossed outside off-stump and was turning away. Shannon throws his arms and gets a thick edge that flew towards backward point, but luckily doesn't carry.

# 8.5 Overs: 2 runs. A quicker one on the stumps and pushed towards deep square for a couple of runs. That's fifty for Shannon.

# 8.4 Overs: SIX. What a shot! Shannon goes on one knee and nails his shot over deep mid-wicket.

# 8.3 Overs: 1 run. Pushes through the covers and picks up a single.

# 8.2 Overs: No run. Goes for another sweep and this time he misses it outside off-stump. Cat and mouse between these two?

# 8.1 Overs: Chahal to Shannon, 1 run.

# 7.6 Overs: FOUR. Beautiful shot from Singh. Stands tall on his toes and pushes it behind backward point for a four. Lovely hands.

# 7.5 Overs: Pandya to Singh, no run.

# 7.4 Overs: 1 run. Well bowled! That was short and angling in - keeps the batsman quiet.

# 7.3 Overs: FOUR. Poor bowling by Hardik. Strays a touh on the leg-side and flicked fine towards the boundary for a four.

# 7.2 Overs: Pandya to Singh, 1 run.

# 7.1 Overs: No run. Singh hops on his toes and defends towards backward point.

# 6.6 Overs: No run. Goes across and tries to sweep again. Misses out and is hit on the back leg. Gentle request turned down and they don't go upstairs. That was missing off-stump.

# 6.5 Overs: SIX. Generously tossed up and gracefully obliged by Shannon. Goes across and sweeps over mid-wicket for a maximum.

# 6.4 Overs: 1 run. Sweeps his old dear friend first ball. Gets a single.

# 6.3 Overs: OUTEasiest of stumpings for Dhoni. That was nicely tossed up and turning away. Balbirnie dances down the track in the hope of lofting it inside out. Misses it by a mile and Dhoni flicks the stumps quite easily. Andy Balbirnie st Dhoni b Chahal 11(14) 

# 6.2 Overs: 1 run. Tossed up and Shannon goes for a big heave over mid-wicket. Gets an inside edge to the short fine-leg fielder and picks a single.

# 6.1 Overs: 1 run. On the money right away. Balbirnie goes back and pushes through the covers for a single.

First sign of spin and it's going to be Yuzvendra Chahal.

# 5.6 Overs: FOUR. Cuts hard towards deep point and gets a boundary. Beautiful shot.

# 5.5 Overs: 1 run. Wristy paddle through the leg-side and picks up a quick single.

# 5.4 Overs: No run. Balbirnie Makes room by moving on the leg-side and that's clever from the bowler. He followed him up and cramped him for room.

# 5.3 Overs: 1 run. Played with soft hands towards short third-man and picks up the single on offer. Good hands from Shannon.

# 5.2 Overs: 1 run. Moves towards leg-stump and tries to heave him. Gets a single towards the off-side.

# 5.1 Overs: No run. Gets hit on the body. He was on his knees trying paddle sweep that on the leg-side. Takes his arm and ricochets on to the helmet. The extra padding comes out and out walk the physio and the 12th man.

# 4.6 Overs: SIX. Whoa! That's as good a shot as any he played today. Shannon picks that ball from the stumps and flicks it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum. Style and grace!

# 4.5 Overs: 1 run. A quicker bouncer this time and pulled towards deep fine for a single.

# 4.4 Overs: FOUR. Swings on the leg-side and drags the shot a touch. That's enough to take it towards backward square.

# 4.3 Overs: Pandya H. to Shannon, 1 run.

# 4.2 Overs: No run. A slower bouncer and bounces through to the keeper after taking the glove.

# 4.1 Overs: Pandya to Balbirnie, no run.

# So many drop catches today, WOW! Must be five already. Are the players losing the ball in the bright blue sky?

# 3.6 Overs: 1 run. Picks up a single to keep the strike. What drama in the over!

# 3.5 Overs:  No run. Tries to give himself room and smash it over the covers, misses the connection and gets beaten by the bounce on the ball that came in.

# 3.4 Overs: Bumrah to Balbirnie, no run.

# 3.3 Overs: Hiiiiggghhhh!! and dropped by Rohit Sharma. Should have taken it.

# 3.2 Overs: Dot. Gentle drive towards mid off.

# 3.1 Overs: FOUR! Flicked away by Shannon towards fine leg.

# After 3 Overs, Ireland are 17/1

# After 2 overs, Ireland are 14/1

# Ireland need 209 to win!

# 19.6 Overs: SIX! Pandya goes big to end India's batting!

# 19.5 Overs: OUT. Kohli is gone and Chase picks up his third in the over. Kohli can only slog with two balls remaining trying to hit it over the longest boundary in the field can only hole out to deep mid-wicket. Kohli c S Thompson b Chase 0(2)

# 19.4 Overs: Chase to Kohli, no run.

# 19.3 Overs:  OUT. Two in two and Chase is a hero in Ireland now. Sharma looking to go big to get his hundred tries to pull but misses and the leg stump is out the ground. Rohit b Chase 97(61)

# 19.2 Overs: OUT! Holed out to the man at deep mid-wicket. Dhoni looking to pull this with quick hands can only get it on the bottom of the bat and is caught in the deep. Dhoni c S Thompson b Chase 11(5)

# 19.1 Overs: 1 run. Oh almost holes out to mid-off as Sharma looks to go over the in-field. Lands just before the fielder.

# 18.6 Overs: SIX. But this one is muscled by Dhoni with brute force back down the ground for six and India bring up their 200.

# 18.5 Overs: Dot!

# 18.5 Overs: Wide!

# 18.4 Overs: 1 run. Walks across his stumps to the off side and flicks this out to deep mid-wicket.

# 18.3 Overs: 1 run. Outside off and cut out to deep backward point for a single.

# 18.2 Overs: FOUR. Pulled and pulled for four. Great start by Dhoni as he swivels on the back foot to find the gap behind square.

# 18.1 Overs: 1 run. Wide outside off and cut out to deep backward point for a single.

# 17.6 Overs: 1 run. Down the pitch and driven hard but straight to the fielder at mid-off for a single.

# 17.5 Overs: OUT! In the air and taken by O'Brein running in from deep square leg. Better short ball from Chase as he bangs this one into the chest of Raina who is cramped up and can only spoon this out to square leg. Raina c Kevin O Brien b Chase 10(6)

# 17.5 Overs: Wide! Bangs this one in short and Chase will have to bowl this one again. Too short.

# 17.4 Overs: 1 run. Gets his length right this time, Sharma squeezes this out to deep extra cover.

# 17.3 Overs: SIX. Missed the yorker and this is smashed straight over the bowlers head for six.

# 17.2 Overs: 1 run. Low full toss once more just outside off, Raina muscles this out to long-on.

# 17.2 Overs: Wide! Very wide outside off and that is called wide.

# 17.1 Overs: 1 run. Good ball on middle stump, Sharma goes for a big heave gets an inside edge down to fine leg.

# 16.6 Overs: 1 run. Pitched up and hit down to long-on as Sharma keeps the strike.

# 16.5 Overs: FOUR. Clever! Great shot, almost a hockey flick as he steps down the pitch and flicks this to deep square leg for four.

# 16.4 Overs: 1 run. Shimmy leg side by Raina and then pushes this down to long-off for a single.

# 16.3 Overs: Thompson to Raina, no run.

# 16.2 Overs: FOUR. Slower delivery pitched up outside off, Raina is on the charge straight away as he drives this for four through the covers. Wow!

# 16.1 Overs: FOUR. Full outside off, looking to loft over cover gets a thick outside edge past the short third man for four. Raina gets it going!

No Kohli as Suresh Raina walks in.

# 15.6 Overs: OUT! Pitched up and hit down to long-on and Thompson makes up for his drops earlier as he takes a good low forward diving catch.  Dhawan c S Thompson b Kevin O Brien 74(45)

# 15.5 Overs: 1 run. Yorker dug out to long-on for a single.

# 15.4 Overs: FOUR. Sharma backs leg side, O'Brein goes wide outside but Sharma throws the bat at it and gets thick outside edge for four to third man.

# 15.3 Overs: 2 runs. Outside off and pulled leg side. Put down! These catches have to be taken by Ireland, might be too late already.

# 15.2 Overs: 1 run. Good bowling there, slower wide yorker dug out to the off side.

# 15.1 Overs: FOUR. O Brein back and four more. Low full toss on middle and a short arm jab by Dhawan back over the bowlers head.

# 14.6 Overs: Dockrell to Sharma, no run. India 148/0

# 14.5 Overs: Dockrell to Sharma, SIX.

# 14.4 Overs: Dockrell to Dhawan, 1 run.

# 14.3 Overs: OH GOODNESS! Ireland needed that. Sharma went for the inside out loft over cover, doesn't get all of it but the fielder on the boundary drops a sitter.

# 14.2 Overs: 1 run. Dhawan comes down the pitch again, turns the delivery into a yorker and can only driven down the ground.

# 14.1 Overs: SIXBoom! Down the track and pulls this with a mighty blow over deep mid-wicket for six.

# 13.6 Overs: FOUR. Too wide again and Stirling pays for it, Sharma gets under this one and lofts it over backward point for four.

# 13.5 Overs: FOUR. Again a low full toss outside off, Sharma slices this past point with one hand off the bat for four.

# 13.4 Overs: 1 run. Good bowling here by Stirling, full outside off and Dhawan can only drive down to long-off.

# 13.3 Overs: 1 run. Sharma looking to flick it leg side gets a thick inside edge and the ball squirts leg side.

# 13.2 Overs: Dot. Driven hard to the cover fielder.

# 13.1 Overs: 1 run. Full wide, would have been called a wide had Dhawan left. Thick outside edge to short third man for a single.

# 12.6 Overs: O'Brien to Dhawan, 1 run.

# 12.6 Overs: WIDE! Too far leg side, not where O Brien should be bowling, Dhawan misses and it is called a wide.

# 12.5 Overs: Dot. Dhawan moves to the off side looking to flick this leg side, O Brien bowls this full and it goes under the bat.

# 12.4 Overs: 1 run. Wide outside off, Sharma has to stretch to reach this as he cuts out to deep point.

# 12.3 Overs: SIX. Has he connected it? Yes he has, Sharma pulls this in front of square out the middle of the bat or six.

# 12.2 Overs: 1 run. Good length outside off, Dhawan heaves this across the line out to deep mid-wicket for a single.

# 12.1 Overs: 1 run. Keven O Brien back into the attack, Sharma on the back foot drives to long-off and sets off for the single. Brings up his fifty off 38 balls.

# 11.6 Overs: No run. Sterling got away with this wide low full toss, Dhawan went for the reverse paddle but was unable to connect.

# 11.5 Overs: 1 run. Another full wide delivery, Sharma drills this straight to cover who fields.

# 11.4 Overs: 1 run. Wide and full, Dhawan goes very hard at this but finds the fielder on the cover boundary.

# 11.3 Overs: 1 run. Gentle full toss and Sharma knows he has missed out as he gets this off the bottom of the bat out to sweeper cover.

# 11.2 Overs: 1 run. Dhawan gives himself room and hammers this down the ground to long-off.

# 11.1 Overs: 1 run. Driven by Rohit to cover who fields well, just unable to collect cleanly and the batsman are able to complete a run.

# 10.6 Overs: Dockrell to Sharma, 1 run.

# 10.5 Overs: Dockrell to Dhawan, 1 run.

# 10.4 Overs: FOUR. Bad ball leg side and Dhawan pulls for four to deep square leg.

# 10.3 Overs: Dot. Reverse sweep premeditated once more by Dhawan, hit straight to point.

# 10.2 Overs: Dot. Gets outside off and gets down for a sweep, straight to short fine leg.

# 10.1 Overs: SIX. Down the pitch and Dockrell is dispatched over deep mid-wicket for six. Dhawan brings up his fifty with that blow off just 27 balls.

# 9.6 Overs: 1 run. Yorker length and pushed towards deep mid-wicket for a single.

# 9.5 Overs: 1 run. That's flicked powerfully towards deep fine-leg and Rohit had to hurry as the fielder from the deep threw at the non-striker's end.

# 9.4 Overs: SIX. Rohit makes room for himself on the leg-side and heaves it over long-off for a six. He had enough of nudging around and wanted to show Rankin who the boss is.

# 9.3 Overs: 1 run. Pushed wide of backward fine and gets a single towards deep cover.

# 9.2 Overs: Rankin to Sharma, 1 run

# 9.1 Overs: Dot. Pushed towards the off-side and finds the mid-off fielder.

# 8.6 Overs: FOUR. Short and wide, a good invitation for Dhawan to smash it backward of point. Dive in vain by the fielder in the deep and India racing here.

# 8.5 Overs: 1 run. Flicked towards deep mid-wicket and they rush across for a single.

# 8.4 Overs: Dot.Nicely bowled there. Pushes it quicker and keeps Rohit quiet.

# 8.3 Overs: 1 run. Pulls the length back and Dhawan rocks back to push it towards long-on for a single.

# 8.2 Overs: Dot! Reverse sweep and no connection there for Dhawan. A stifled appeal from Dockrell, but that hit the batsman on the hand and way outside off.

# 8.1 Overs: 1 run. Pushes towards deep cover and Rohit gets another easy single.

# 7.6 Overs: A couple to end the over. India 77/0

# 7.5 Overs: 1 run. Pushed towards backward square and picks up a single.

# 7.4 Overs: SIX. Down the track and heaves it over deep mid-wicket. That goes just over the ropes - but enough to give him a six. Does that hit answer his critics?

# 7.3 Overs: 1 run. A tad shorter and Dhawan goes back to push it towards deep mid-wicket. Another easy single for Dhawan.

# 7.2 Overs: 1 run. Tucked backward of square for a single around the corner. Nice little action from the offie here.

# 7.1 Overs: Dhawan takes a single to start the over. 

# 6.6 Overs: 1 run. Comes down the track and pushed towards long-on for a single. India 65/0

# 6.5 Overs: Again a single, so far so good from Dockrell.

# 6.4 Overs: 1 run. Comes down the track and drags his shot towards deep mid-wicket. Good stuff from Dockrell to pull his length back.

# 6.3 Overs: 1 run. Tossed up and nicely pushed towards mid-wicket for a single.

# 6.2 Overs: 1 run. Flatter and turning in, Dhawan flicks it backward of square for a sharp single.

# 6.1 Overs: Nicely punched through the covers and Rohit gets a single. Over to Dhawan to continue the carnage.

# 5.6 Overs: SIXAnd, that exactly is why, we said Simi Singh should have caught the previous delivery. Dhawan shimmies down the track and lofts over the bowler's head for a six.

# 5.5 Overs: Heaves across and gets a leading edge over backward point. Simi Singh back pedals there and drops it. Dhawan takes a couple. 

# 5.4 Overs: Dot. Smashed down the ground as Chase goes a tad fuller. Finds the mid-off fielder.

# 5.3 Overs: Dot.

# 5.2 Overs: Better length and good line from Chase. Dhawan tips it on the off-side, but can't get it far enough to buy a single.

# 5.1 Overs: On the pads and flicked backward of square for a single. Chase is lucky there that it hasn't gone for more.

# 4.6 Overs: Single to end the over.

# 4.5 Overs: FOUR! Width on offer and cut fiercely square on off-side for a majestic four. Rohit loves width there and Ireland are feeding him constantly.

# 4.4 Overs: DOT.

# 4.3 Overs: Dhawan takes a single on the leg-side and gives it back to Rohit. Your turn to take on these medium dobblies.

# 4.2 Overs: SIX! these medium pacers bowling on a good length is meat and drink for Dhawan.

# 4.1 Overs: Rohit rotates the strike.

# 3.6 Overs: Single to end the over.

# 3.5 Overs: FOUR! When Rohit times it well then there are very few in the world close to him in terms of quality.

# 3.4 Overs: DOT! Rohit is taking it easy.

# 3.3 Overs: DOT! Rohit defends it!

# 3.2 Overs: FOUR! Classic Rohit Sharma and his off drives!

# 3.1 Overs: Dot! Rohit with a gentle punch towards the point fielder.

# 2.6 Overs: FOUR! Dhawan picks up the poor delivery with ease. India 28/0

# 2.5 Overs: SIX! Dhawan heaves high and handsomely over long-on. That gets the crowd going.

# 2.4 Overs: Rohit rotates the strike. 

# 2.3 Overs: Dhawan punches it and takes a single.

# 2.3 Overs: Wide! Down the leg and Dhawan leaves it for a wide.

# 2.2 Overs: FOUR! Dhawan gets going. Down the track and lofted it cleanly over mid-off, one bounce over the ropes

# 2.1 Overs: Dot! Dhawan blocks the ball.

# 1.6 Overs: Dot! Pushes towards mid-off and a quiet end (at last) to the over. India 11/0

# 1.5 Overs: FOUR! Rohit flicks it again, this time towards square leg boundary.

# 1.4 Overs: Dot! No risk taken by Rohit.

# 1.3 Overs: FOUR! Chase misses the line and Rohit Sharma flicks it to the fine leg.

# 1.2 Overs: Frontfoot defense by Rohit Sharma. Dot!

# 1.1 Overs: Rohit times it well and takes a couple. Good line by Peter Chase to start his over.

# 0.6 Overs: Dot! Fabulous over by Rankin. India 1/0

# 0.5 Overs: Another dot! Great start by Ireland.

# 0.4 Overs: Dot! Dhawan punches it straight to the covers!

# 0.3 Overs: Rohit is off the mark after that single. 

# 0.2 Overs: Dot! Good line by Rankin.

# 0.1 Overs: Dot! Right on the money by Rankin.

# Dhawan and Rohit are at the crease. Dhawan is on strike. Rankin will open the attack

PLAYER STAT: MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina are the two players who featured in India's debut T20I game in 2006 and in the 100th game.

Players are out on the park and it's time for the national anthems.

Umpires: Mark Hawthorne and Roly Black
# TV Umpires:
 Alan Neill
# Reserve Umpire:
 Paul Reynolds

# FACE OFF: These sides met only once before, way back in 2009 when India defeated Ireland by 15-runs.

Stat attack: Kohli needs 17 more runs to become the third player in T20I history to score 2000 runs.

Players to watch: The only way Stirling knows to play is to stir up attacks at the top of the order. His pyrotechnics could be useful in putting early pressure on the Indian bowlers. While, Kohli was supposed to turn out for Surrey, but that failed to materialise because of an injury. That could prove to be a blessing in disguise and the rejuvenated captain could make Ireland pay.

# Ireland playing XI: Gary Wilson(c), Paul Stirling, James Shannon, Andrew Balbirnie, Simi Singh, Stuart Poynter(w), Kevin O Brien, Stuart Thompson, George Dockrell, Boyd Rankin, Peter Chase

# India playing XI: Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli (c), Rohit Sharma, Suresh Raina, Manish Pandey, Mahendra Singh Dhoni (wk), Hardik Pandya, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav, Jasprit Bumrah, Yuzvendra Chahal.

Virat Kohli: We would have bowled first as well. Looking at the wicket, I think it is going to play really well. It is going to come out on bat nicely. We practised in London for a day and we practised here yesterday. We have played the format enough, we have played IPL for two months, so we don't need to practise much as we are used to it. Weather is something that we took time in getting used to.

Gary Wilson: We are going to have a bowl. This looks like a good wicket. It is a very hard ground to defend so that played a big part in decision. Preparation have been good, we had four games in Holland and a game against Sussex.

# Ireland have won the toss and opt to bowl first.

PITCH REPORT: "It is a well-rolled wicket, this looks to be a flat deck. There is line of green grass going on either side of the pitch but center of the wicket is well rolled. It is going to be a good contest between bat and ball on this pitch," says Murali Kartik in his pitch report.

Welcome to News Nation's Live Coverage of Ireland vs India T20 International at The Village in Dublin.

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