IND Vs AUS: 3rd ODI HIGHLIGHTS: Australia beat India by 32 runs

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 08 March 2019, 09:18 PM
Virat Kohli's Indian cricket team has chosen to bowl against Australia in the Ranchi ODI. Get live cricket score and updates of Ranchi ODI here. (Image credit: Twitter)
Virat Kohli's Indian cricket team has chosen to bowl against Australia in the Ranchi ODI. Get live cricket score and updates of Ranchi ODI here. (Image credit: Twitter)

Kuldeep was the last man to depart and it's all smiling in the Australian camp. The series between the two nations is still alive with two games to follow. The next game will be played at Mohali on March 10. This remains to be seen if Australia can square the series. That's it from us. Hope you enjoyed our coverage. We will be back for the fourth ODI. Hope to see you all.  (LIVE SCORECARD

  Mar 08, 2019  21:16 (IST)

That's it from us. Hope you enjoyed our coverage. We will be back for the fourth ODI on March 10. Hope to see you all. 

  Mar 08, 2019  21:14 (IST)

The series between the two nations is still alive with two games to follow. The next game will be played at Mohali on March 10. This remains to be seen if Australia can square the series. 

  Mar 08, 2019  21:12 (IST)

Kuldeep was the last man to depart and it's all smiles in Australian camp. 

  Mar 08, 2019  21:12 (IST)

That's it, Australia wins the third ODI comprehensively in the end. Wins by 32 runs. 

  Mar 08, 2019  21:07 (IST)

WICKET: Shami out after quick-fire 8 runs

  Mar 08, 2019  21:07 (IST)

A couple of boundaries in Richardson's over. 

  Mar 08, 2019  21:04 (IST)

WICKET: Ravindra Jadeja OUT. India's hopes end with that too?

  Mar 08, 2019  21:02 (IST)

41 runs needed off last 18 deliveries. 

  Mar 08, 2019  21:01 (IST)

A six over mid-wicket after a long time. 

  Mar 08, 2019  21:00 (IST)

India is making tough for themselves. Jadeja is looking to take it to the last ball but keeping too many runs for the end three overs. India still needs 50 runs off 23 balls.

  Mar 08, 2019  20:57 (IST)

India need 54 runs off 30 balls.

  Mar 08, 2019  20:53 (IST)

The required rate goes over 10. Jadeja is joined by Kuldeep now. The road ahead will be difficult for INDIA. 

  Mar 08, 2019  20:48 (IST)

WICKET: Tried to hammer away onto the mid-wicket, but straight into the hands Richardson. India now seven down. 

  Mar 08, 2019  20:43 (IST)

Indian batsmen are struggling to find the boundary here and there. After 42 overs, it's 242/6. 

  Mar 08, 2019  20:35 (IST)

In the last 10 overs, India needs 87 runs. With Jadeja and Shankar still at the crease, can India take an unassailable lead in this series or Australia will bounce back?

  Mar 08, 2019  20:28 (IST)

After 38.1 overs, Australia was 238/1. India, in reply, has lost 5 more wickets and scored 16 runs less. 

  Mar 08, 2019  20:25 (IST)

WICKET: After a superb innings of 123 runs, Zampa knocks Virat Kohli's leg stump. Onus on Shankar now. After 37.3, it's 219/6. 

  Mar 08, 2019  20:23 (IST)

India is pacing nicely here. They have lost half their side and were chasing 314, but even then, they are in the game. To be honest, the difference between the two sides have been Virat Kohli. One of his best hundreds. 

  Mar 08, 2019  20:14 (IST)

Virat Kohli 41st ton. What a player he is. Pure class.

  Mar 08, 2019  20:06 (IST)

Time for DRINKS. 

  Mar 08, 2019  20:04 (IST)

Kohli is now just three shies from yet another hundred. 

  Mar 08, 2019  20:03 (IST)

Vijay Shankar has come out to the middle at a time when India has lost half their side, and still 130 odd runs away from victory. This means it is another opportunity for him to confirm his spot for the World Cup. After 33 overs, it's 183/5. 

  Mar 08, 2019  19:58 (IST)

WICKET: Zampa bowled a tossed up delivery and Jadhav tried to sweep, however, he missed the ball and it hit his pads. Silence in JSCA stadium. OUT for 26.

  Mar 08, 2019  19:53 (IST)

Kohli nears yet another ton. Can he get there? Into the 90s now. 

  Mar 08, 2019  19:49 (IST)

Less than 160 runs needed in the last 20, seeing by the standards set, it looks within the range. However, for India, it's important to not lose a wicket here. After 30 overs, it's 160/4.

  Mar 08, 2019  19:41 (IST)

150 up for India. 164 more to go now. 

  Mar 08, 2019  19:37 (IST)

50 run partnership between Virat Kohli and Kedar Jadhav.

  Mar 08, 2019  19:35 (IST)

How can someone be so consistent? Should Oxford produce a new word and update their dictionary for Virat Kohli? Just WOW. Three fours in 26th over. 

  Mar 08, 2019  19:32 (IST)

India is chasing 314, and have lost four wickets for 123 in 25 overs. This means, they still 191 runs of 150 balls. In the remaining led, India would be eyeing to not lose a wicket and take game as deep as possible. 

  Mar 08, 2019  19:27 (IST)

Back to back boundaries for Indian skipper. 

  Mar 08, 2019  19:23 (IST)

Another day, Another half-century for Virat Kohli. Does he define consistency or consistency defines him? Registers his 50th ODI fifty. After 23.1 overs, it's 108/4.

  Mar 08, 2019  19:16 (IST)

100 up for INDIA. Can Kedar and Virat replicate Pune show? 

  Mar 08, 2019  19:11 (IST)

Jadhav off the mark with a boundary. 

  Mar 08, 2019  19:10 (IST)

WICKET: Zampa picks his first. Sends MS Dhoni back to the hut for 26.

  Mar 08, 2019  19:10 (IST)

MILESTONE ALERT: Most sixes for India in ODIs: 217 MS Dhoni

  Mar 08, 2019  19:07 (IST)

Sometimes, seeing Kohli and Dhoni bat, it feels as if any score is chasable. India lost three wickets in quick succession and they have been able to rebuild it. On one hand, MS Dhoni is playing the anchor's innings and Virat trying to up the scoring rate by smashing boundaries here and there. The duo registers a partnership of 50 plus runs. After 19 overs, India is 86/3.

  Mar 08, 2019  19:02 (IST)

The caps come out as skipper Aaron Finch introduce spin from both the ends. 

  Mar 08, 2019  18:55 (IST)

MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli trying to repair the damage done by the Australian bowlers at the start as the duo registered a partnership of 40 runs in 'mere' 61 deliveries. 

  Mar 08, 2019  18:53 (IST)

Virat Kohli reaches 4000 run landmark as a captain. Interestingly, he takes the fewest innings (63) to reach that mark.

  Mar 08, 2019  18:47 (IST)

50 up for India after much effort from MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli. Going forward in the game, it's important back their skills and plays to their strength. They will have to target the bowlers they are looking to go after. After 14 overs, India is 54/3. 

  Mar 08, 2019  18:44 (IST)

ALERT: Dhoni registers his highest individual score at Ranchi. Prior to this, his scores in Ranchi were 10 and 11.

  Mar 08, 2019  18:40 (IST)

Spinner into the attack for the first time in second innings. 

  Mar 08, 2019  18:39 (IST)

Both MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli and ticking ones and twos at the moments. Trying to match the required rate. At present, they are way too behind. But that wouldn't be in India's mind as of now. After 12 overs, it's 44/3. 

  Mar 08, 2019  18:29 (IST)

Ranchi Boy hits his first boundary. 

  Mar 08, 2019  18:25 (IST)

MS off the mark with the single on 'his jersey number'. 

  Mar 08, 2019  18:23 (IST)

6 dot deliveries for MS Dhoni on a trot. 

  Mar 08, 2019  18:21 (IST)

And..the rebuilding phase continues for India. Expectation again on Virat Kohli to get runs, MS Dhoni to stick there. But as of now, Australia is dominating this game by bowling in the right line and superlative efforts in the field. After 8 overs, it's 29/3.

  Mar 08, 2019  18:15 (IST)

WICKET: Cummins bowled an out-swing delivery to knock Ambati Rayudu's off stump. What a start by Australia. Rayudu OUT for just 2. 

  Mar 08, 2019  18:12 (IST)

Finally, 16 ball streak broken by Ambati Rayudu as he ticks one down to the third man, followed by another scintillating boundary by Virat Kohli. After 6 overs, it's 27/2.

  Mar 08, 2019  18:11 (IST)

Jhyde Richardson has bowled 16 balls till now, which is 2.4 overs, and hasn't given away even a single run. 

  Mar 08, 2019  18:09 (IST)

Delightful boundary by Virat takes India's total to 22 after first five overs. 

  Mar 08, 2019  18:06 (IST)

It wouldn't be wrong to say that India is in trouble and Virat Kohli will be the key here. 

  Mar 08, 2019  18:05 (IST)

WICKET: Rohit Sharma didn't trouble the scorers much either. OUT for 14. 

  Mar 08, 2019  18:00 (IST)

Virat once again at early at the crease. Can he do Nagpur show again?

  Mar 08, 2019  17:59 (IST)

WICKET: Dhawan OUT for just 1. Terrific catch by Maxwell. 

  Mar 08, 2019  17:56 (IST)

In the first game, Shikhar got out for a duck. In the second, it was his counterpart, Rohit Sharma. Finally, in the third game, both have opened their account. 

  Mar 08, 2019  17:52 (IST)

Jhyde Richardson starts with a maiden over. Too many dot balls for India at the start. After 2 overs, it's 1/0.

  Mar 08, 2019  17:48 (IST)

A little change for India in the mindset, till now, we have seen Rohit Sharma take the first ball, but today, for a change Shikhar Dhawan played the first delivery. Tactical change or mindset change? 

  Mar 08, 2019  17:45 (IST)

Shikhar Dhawan off the mark straight away. 

  Mar 08, 2019  17:44 (IST)

So, we are back as Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan are out in the middle. 

  Mar 08, 2019  17:10 (IST)

The second innings will start in 30 minutes time. Stay tuned. 

  Mar 08, 2019  17:07 (IST)

Australia started off the innings in fine fashion, with Finch and Khawaja registering a 193-run partnership. However, Aussies lost momentum in the middle. But even then, they finish at 313 with cameos coming from Marcus Stoinis and Alex Carey lower down the order. 

  Mar 08, 2019  17:00 (IST)

40 runs partnership off 32 deliveries and Australia will be happy to see this. After the team had lost 3 wickets in space of 5 deliveries, 310 was looking far away. However, the way these two have played, Australia, if not more, will manage to finish somewhere between that score. After 49 overs, it's 303/5.  

  Mar 08, 2019  16:55 (IST)

Superb bowling display by both Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammad Shami, giving nothing away here. After 48 overs, it's 293/5.

  Mar 08, 2019  16:48 (IST)

Consecutive boundaries from Alex Carey's bat. 

  Mar 08, 2019  16:46 (IST)

It has been a superlative comeback for India here. They were struggling in the first 30 overs, but once Finch and Khawaja departed, they have come strong. After 46 overs, it's 275/5. Just THREE of the 46th over. 

  Mar 08, 2019  16:41 (IST)

Six overs left for Australia and just when they needed wickets to stay on their side, they have lost three in space of just 5 deliveries. Seeing the current scorecard, it is becoming difficult for men-in-yellow to even reach 310 mark. After 45 overs, it's 272/5.

  Mar 08, 2019  16:35 (IST)

Fifth wicket down for Australia departs for a DUCK. 

  Mar 08, 2019  16:33 (IST)

Another WICKET. This has been the story for Australia in this series. They start decently but are not being able to finish well. Shaun Marsh's struggling innings comes to an end. 

  Mar 08, 2019  16:26 (IST)

WICKET: This is a big moment in the game. Just a slight confusion in the middle and in-form Glenn Maxwell has to depart. Once again, it has been an MS Dhoni show. You just cannot keep this individual out of the game. MAXWELL OUT.

  Mar 08, 2019  16:22 (IST)

250 up for Australia in 42.1 overs. With still 7.9 overs remaining, Australia will fancy their chances to reach somewhere between 330-340. India, on the other hand, has been able to restrict Australia as they have only given 17 runs in last 4 overs. 

  Mar 08, 2019  16:17 (IST)

India has been able to lower down things as Australia is still 6 shy of the 250 mark. Shaun Marsh replaced Usman Khawaja and needs to play an anchor innings here as Glenn Maxwell playing freely. After 40 overs, it's 244/2.

  Mar 08, 2019  16:05 (IST)

Khawaja smashed the Indian bowlers all around the ground. Smashing 11 boundaries and a six, eventually helping him register ton against India. One would have to say that this has been a well deserved hundred. 

  Mar 08, 2019  16:02 (IST)

Usman Khawaja slams maiden ODI ton. 

  Mar 08, 2019  16:01 (IST)

14 runs off the first three balls. Maxwell on FIRE. 

  Mar 08, 2019  15:59 (IST)

Glenn Maxwell continues the momentum as Australia's score notched up to 216 for 1.

  Mar 08, 2019  15:57 (IST)

Usman Khawaja comes onto 99, which is also his highest score in the one-day Internationals. 

  Mar 08, 2019  15:53 (IST)

Maxwell has started his innings in fine fashion, smashing six straight over the Kuldeep's head in the last over. With another 16 overs to go in the innings, the Australian batsmen will try to add at least 150-160 runs more. 

  Mar 08, 2019  15:51 (IST)

Time for DRINKS. 

  Mar 08, 2019  15:49 (IST)

Just a slight hesitation in the middle, but fortunately for Australia and Khawaja, Jadeja misses the stumps. After 34 overs, it's 204/1. 

  Mar 08, 2019  15:43 (IST)

After first 31 overs of the innings, both the teams have lost their respective reviews. 

  Mar 08, 2019  15:42 (IST)

Seeing the current conditions, Australia team management has promoted Glenn Maxwell up the order to let the run flow going. 

  Mar 08, 2019  15:41 (IST)

WICKET: Finally a wicket for India. Aaron Finch tried to tick one down to the third man region, but misses the ball completely and struck on the pad. He departs after a well-made 93. Kuldeep breaks seven short of 200 partnership. 

  Mar 08, 2019  15:38 (IST)

Kuldeep has been expensive today. He has given 43 in his first six overs and comes for his seventh over in eye of a wicket.

  Mar 08, 2019  15:33 (IST)

Wide down the leg side for Bumrah. Finch and Khawaja just 9 away from their respective tons. Nothing, yes nothing going India's way. 

  Mar 08, 2019  15:30 (IST)

The road is getting difficult for India with each passing over. It is believed that a team can double the score if they have scored in first 30 overs. If that happens for Australia, the score will go near 370-380 and that will not be an easy chase. After 30 overs, it's 186/0.

  Mar 08, 2019  15:30 (IST)

Finch into 90s now. He is looking for a big one here. 

  Mar 08, 2019  15:23 (IST)

Both spinners have slowed things a bit and runs have been hard to come by in last three overs now. It looks that one of two will go after the bowler to up the run-rate again. If misses, India may well get a wicket here. After 28 overs, 176 for NO LOSS. 

  Mar 08, 2019  15:19 (IST)

Spinners from both the ends again as India try to get some turn on this Ranchi wicket. 

  Mar 08, 2019  15:14 (IST)

150 run partnership for Finch and Khawaja.

  Mar 08, 2019  15:10 (IST)

A boundary or two is coming in every over. If the duo can continue for another six overs, any total over 300 will look within the range for Australia. After 24 overs, it's 145/0. 

  Mar 08, 2019  15:05 (IST)

Can this start by Finch and Khawaja lead to a change in fortunes for Australia?

  Mar 08, 2019  14:58 (IST)

Australia is dominating in this game. 21 overs and no wicket. Virat Kohli has tried all available options but India is just not clicking. It's 127/0.

  Mar 08, 2019  14:50 (IST)

Seventh ODI fifty for Usman Khawaja. Smiles in the Australian camp. 

  Mar 08, 2019  14:47 (IST)

Shami back into the attack. He was seen by the physio after he got hit on feet. But now, HE IS BACK.

  Mar 08, 2019  14:40 (IST)

19th Fifty plus score for Aaron Finch and this one has come after a long TIME. After 17 overs, 111/0. 

  Mar 08, 2019  14:39 (IST)

The partnership between Aaron Finch and Usman Khawaja enters into three-digit now.  

  Mar 08, 2019  14:33 (IST)

It seems as if Aussies have found a way to play Kedar Jadhav. After welcoming him with a huge six over long on, Kedar went for 13 runs in his first over. This is rare, VERY RARE.

  Mar 08, 2019  14:25 (IST)

Nothing going India's way at the JSCA cricket stadium in Ranchi. Khawaja doing what he is known for - ticking ones and twos on almost every occasion and hammering the loose ball. Not a great start by India means. After 14 overs, it's 75/0. 

  Mar 08, 2019  14:19 (IST)

Australian openers have once again provided a solid start to the team. Going forward, it's important for the middle-order to make the start count and post a respectable total on board. After 12 overs, Australia sees themselves at 66 for no loss. 

  Mar 08, 2019  14:15 (IST)

Another four. 12 boundaries in 11 overs now. Jadeja giving more than 7 runs an over. 

  Mar 08, 2019  14:09 (IST)

So spinners from both the ends now. Ravindra Jadeja has struggled to turn the ball on this Ranchi wicket, this remains to be seen how Kuldeep bowls here. 

  Mar 08, 2019  14:07 (IST)

Oh! What a shot from Khawaja. He is making Ravindra Jadeja's selection for the forthcoming World Cup difficult. 

  Mar 08, 2019  14:05 (IST)

Some good shots, some sloppy work in the field, and some loose balls has helped Australia's score look 40 for no loss after 8 overs. 

  Mar 08, 2019  14:00 (IST)

Spinner into the attack for the first time and Khawaja welcomes him with a boundary. 

  Mar 08, 2019  13:55 (IST)

Shami is seen by the physio. Is injury serious? Blow for India? 

  Mar 08, 2019  13:53 (IST)

So Australia is off to a cautious start as they eventually manage to put 18 runs in the first five overs. 

  Mar 08, 2019  13:51 (IST)

Aaron Finch punches the ball towards the bowler and struck Shami's right feet, and he is in PAIN. 

  Mar 08, 2019  13:46 (IST)

India cricket team dons army caps in Ranchi ODI to pay tribute to jawans killed in Pulwama attack. Here's the story

  Mar 08, 2019  13:44 (IST)

Mohammad Shami continues to bowl between good length and full area, eventually helping him to restrict Aaron Finch to open his arms. 

  Mar 08, 2019  13:39 (IST)

Pitching outside off, impact in line, but MISSING wickets. India lost their only review in just second over of the innings. 

  Mar 08, 2019  13:38 (IST)

A couple of boundaries for Australia already and skipper Aaron Finch. He is trying to play positively. Bumrah, under a little pressure. 

  Mar 08, 2019  13:38 (IST)

Mohammed Shami opens the bowling and he immediately beats Usman Khawaja on the outside edge. There is not much bounce on this wicket. 

  Mar 08, 2019  13:10 (IST)

Here are the playing XIs of both sides

Australia: Aaron Finch(c), Usman Khawaja, Shaun Marsh, Peter Handscomb, Glenn Maxwell, Marcus Stoinis, Alex Carey(w), Pat Cummins, Jhye Richardson, Nathan Lyon, Adam Zampa

India: Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli(c), Ambati Rayudu, Vijay Shankar, Kedar Jadhav, MS Dhoni(w), Ravindra Jadeja, Kuldeep Yadav, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah

  Mar 08, 2019  13:07 (IST)

India has won the toss and they will bowl. Virat Kohli's side are unchanged while Jhye Richardson comes in place of Nathan Coulter-Nile in the Australian side. 

  Mar 08, 2019  12:54 (IST)

The early buzz from Ranchi is that Yuzvendra Chahal might replace Ravindra Jadeja while Bhuvneshwar Kumar might replace Mohammed Shami in the side who has been playing brilliantly since the series against Australia. 

  Mar 08, 2019  12:48 (IST)

The lucky number for Virat Kohli and the Indian cricket team will be fifty. If India win in Ranchi today, it will be their 50th win against Australia in ODIs while it will Kohli's 50th win as captain.

  Mar 08, 2019  12:43 (IST)

In other news, there is good news for Jasprit Bumrah, who is now in the elite 7 crore list. Bumrah has joined Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma in that list.

  Mar 08, 2019  12:36 (IST)

What are the chances of India making any changes today? They might be tempted to get KL Rahul in place of Shikhar Dhawan, who has struggled for runs recently. They might get Yuzvendra Chahal in but Kedar Jadhav has done a brilliant job so far.

  Mar 08, 2019  12:16 (IST)

Australia, on the other hand, need plenty of improvement as they look to stay alive. Another loss for them will prolong their overseas odyssey and with the series coming up against Pakistan in the UAE, this will not be an ideal preparation for the World Cup.

  Mar 08, 2019  12:07 (IST)

What would be the ideal way MS Dhoni would be remembered in Ranchi? Scoring a hundred, hitting the winning runs and giving India the series win. All in one go! That would be the perfect potential send-off for one of India's best

  Mar 08, 2019  11:54 (IST)

A warm welcome to the third and potentially series-deciding clash at the JSCA stadium in Ranchi. This could potentially be the final international match for MS Dhoni in front of his home fans. However, as Bhuvneshwar Kumar remarked in the press conference, how can you be sure? Yes, one can never know what Captain Cool is thinking.

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