India vs Australia 1st Test highlights Adelaide Oval day 2: Travis Head 61* gives hosts hope

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 07 December 2018, 01:17 PM
Travis Head's 61* helped Australia reduce the deficit by 59 runs at stumps on day 2 of the Adelaide Test. Get India vs Australia 1st Test day 2 highlights here  (Image credit: ICC Twitter)
Travis Head's 61* helped Australia reduce the deficit by 59 runs at stumps on day 2 of the Adelaide Test. Get India vs Australia 1st Test day 2 highlights here (Image credit: ICC Twitter)

Cheteshwar Pujara walked in after the top order threw their wickets away to poor strokes. The right-hander stepped up and showed his team-mates the merits of application, defence. At the end of day 1, Pujara had hit his first century in Australia, his 16th overall. Mohammed Shami fell first ball on day 2 as India were bowled out for 250. On a day when Australia’s four pacers operated as a unit, Pujara’s calm application on an Adelaide wicket offering extra bounce was a sight to behold. (SCORECARD)

  Dec 07, 2018  12:52 (IST)

Stumps on day 2. Travis Head sparkles with a brilliant 61* and his knock, combined with some gritty partnerships yet again with the tail has put Australia 59 runs away from India. Day 3 will be crucial for the fortunes of both the teams. 

  Dec 07, 2018  12:44 (IST)

Once again, a small partnerhip has developed with the tail and India are not able to dislodge them easily. It is these vital 20-30 runs that can prove to be the difference. 

  Dec 07, 2018  12:34 (IST)

Starc looks to go for the mighty heave over long on but gets a big leading edge that lands safely at deep backward point for a couple. India are sensing another wicket but Travis Head is hanging in there.

  Dec 07, 2018  12:30 (IST)

With just five overs remaining in the day, Australia will be determined to hang in there. Head, in particular, will be eager to bat until stumps and help Australia get as close to the Indian total as possible.

  Dec 07, 2018  12:24 (IST)

Most people might say the impact was outside off and thus it should not be given out. However, since Cummins did not offer a shot, even if the impact is outside the line of off stump and it is hitting the stumps, it can still be given out.

  Dec 07, 2018  12:20 (IST)

The second new ball has been taken and immediately it reaps rewards. Bumrah gets this delivery to cut back in and Cummins shoulders arms. The umpire gives it out and Australia review, the impact is outside off but the umpire still gives it out. 

  Dec 07, 2018  12:14 (IST)

The partnership between Head and Cummins is worth 50 for the seventh wicket. This has been a defining stand and India will be counting on the new ball to break this partnership.

  Dec 07, 2018  12:08 (IST)

Australia are calmly playing out the last couple of overs before the second new ball is due. Ashwin and Vijay are operating in tandem, with Vijay doing a good job of not conceding too many runs. 

  Dec 07, 2018  11:56 (IST)

Travis Head is going after Mohammed Shami and the deficit is now below 100. India need to sustain the momentum if they have take the lead. 

  Dec 07, 2018  11:43 (IST)

Australia trail by exactly 100. This is the period that can swing the team's fortunes. Can India get the final four wickets cheaply or will they be ruined by the case of Head and Tail?

  Dec 07, 2018  11:34 (IST)

Head continues to bat in a positive manner. Although the pitch is sluggish, most of the batsmen have fallen to poor strokes or poor technique. Shaun Marsh, Peter Handscomb and Aaron Finch being the classic case. 

  Dec 07, 2018  11:24 (IST)

Head tries to counterattack with a couple of boundaries off Ishant Sharma. Now, how efficiently can India polish the tail off in Adelaide? Remember, the tail has hurt India a lot in the past in overseas Tests.

  Dec 07, 2018  11:14 (IST)

WICKET! The pain is over for Paine. Superb delivery from Ishant. Full ball and straightening off the seam in the corridor outside off, Paine has a feel for the delivery and the edge is taken. Australia 127/6 and in danger of conceding a massive lead. 

  Dec 07, 2018  11:07 (IST)

The slow nature of the wicket is making stroke-play difficult. India are tightening the screws well and it is only a matter of time, one feels, before the Australian team capitulates. 

  Dec 07, 2018  10:55 (IST)

Bumrah and Shami have increased their pace and are going all out for the kill now. Paine and Head did share some solid stands in the series against Pakistan and they have to do it all over again

  Dec 07, 2018  10:49 (IST)

WICKET! Brilliant stuff from Jasprit Bumrah. This back of a length delivery kicks away outside off and Handscomb tries to run it down to third man but the edge is taken. Poor shot and Australia are reeling. 

  Dec 07, 2018  10:41 (IST)

We are back for the final session. Conditions are still overcast. India would be wanting to break this dangerous stand and give themselves a healthy lead. 

  Dec 07, 2018  10:17 (IST)

Tea on day 2 of the Adelaide Test. India have wasted an unnecessary review against Travis Head. Why can't Kohli ever learn to get te DRS right? However, it has been their session as they have restricted Australia to 117/4. Peter Handscomb has looked solid. The final session could determine which team is on top.

  Dec 07, 2018  10:05 (IST)

Handscomb grows in confidence as he blasts a pull shot from Mohammed Shami to the deep midwicket fence. Just five minutes to go for the tea break and maybe, two more overs. 

  Dec 07, 2018  09:57 (IST)

Handscomb and Head are ensuring Australia do not suffer any further hiccups until the tea break. India will be going all out for the kill in the final session as they look to establish a healthy lead. 

  Dec 07, 2018  09:39 (IST)

Virat Kohli has used his pacers in short bursts while he has persisted with Ashwin for a longer spell. The Tamil Nadu bowler is in the midst of a great spell and is in rhythm.

  Dec 07, 2018  09:32 (IST)

Head and Handscomb are pushing Australia closer to 100 as the deficit comes down. Australia need to ensure that this partnership flourishes as these are probably the best conditions to bat on.

  Dec 07, 2018  09:20 (IST)

Travis Head and Tim Paine are the only recognised batsman in the Australian team now. After that, they are dependant on the tail as to how close they can get to the Indian total.

  Dec 07, 2018  09:06 (IST)

WICKET! Ashwin on fire and the dangerous Khawaja goes. And for once, it is a brilliant review. Topssed up delivery and it rips away outside off, Khawaja looks to defend but the ball misses the outside edge, however, it has brushed Khawaja's gloves and it the decision is reversed. 

  Dec 07, 2018  09:03 (IST)

Shami bounces back in style after a poor previous over which he conceded three fours. There is an appeal for an LBW but the ball was hitting the thigh pad and going too high. 

  Dec 07, 2018  08:55 (IST)

Handscomb breaks the shackles with three boundaries in one over of Mohammed Shami. India have to control the flow of runs if they have to take the lead. However, Shami did trouble the right-hander on two occasions. 

  Dec 07, 2018  08:49 (IST)

Handscomb gets a boundary to third man while Khawaja negotiates Ashwin well. This is a crucial phase now for both sides.

  Dec 07, 2018  08:39 (IST)

The game gives a chance for Peter Handscomb to re-establish himself back in the Australian side after a poor run. At the other end, Khawaja is settled and is preparing himself for the long haul. 

  Dec 07, 2018  08:17 (IST)

WICKET! Ashwin, you beauty! What a start for India after the lunch break. Flighted delivery and given a lot more air outside off, Marsh goes for the flat-batted drive and ends up dragging it back on to the stumps. Shaun Marsh b Ashwin 2 (19).

  Dec 07, 2018  07:37 (IST)

That will be lunch on day 2. Australia are on 57/2 but India have put in a good performance with the ball, especially Ishant Sharma. Can they maintain the pressure in the next session?

  Dec 07, 2018  07:24 (IST)

India will be aiming for one more wicket before the lunch break. Currently, Khawaja and Shaun Marsh are the recognised pair batting for Australia at the moment. This is a vital period for the hosts.

  Dec 07, 2018  07:15 (IST)

Finally, Ashwin breaks this stubborn stand. He gets this flighted delivery to drift in on middle and leg stump, Harris gets the inside edge onto the pad and silly point makes no mistake. Crucial wicket this before the lunch break. Marcus Harris c Vijay b Ashwin 26 (57). Australia 45/2

  Dec 07, 2018  07:10 (IST)

No problems with Shami and according to a message from the BCCI, he will be out bowling in the next over. However, Harris and Khawaja are building a solid stand and the debutant gets another four off Ashwin by slapping the offspinner to the deep extra cover fence. 

  Dec 07, 2018  06:58 (IST)

Uh oh! Shami is feeling his shoulder here. The physio came out to check on him and he might go off after the end of the over. Let us hope that there it is not a massive issue. 

  Dec 07, 2018  06:56 (IST)

Shami is not getting much movement off the deck while Ashwin is hardly getting any spin. Both batsmen have comfortably settled and are looking solid. 

  Dec 07, 2018  06:48 (IST)

Ashwin and Shami are operating in tandem but both Khawaja and Harris are content on rebuilding and making solid progress. 

  Dec 07, 2018  06:35 (IST)

Mohammed Shami is into the attack. So far, Australia seem to have handled the first hour of the first session well but India are still maintaing the pressure. 

  Dec 07, 2018  06:18 (IST)

A loud appeal for a catch from the slip cordon. Bumrah says he did not hear anything and India do not go for the review. Good thing they did not. There was a big gap between ball and bat. Next ball, Harris somehow steers a short ball past the gap between gully and slip, much to Kohli's chagrin. 

  Dec 07, 2018  06:09 (IST)

Things are getting a bit difficult for Australia now. Bumrah beats Khawaja's outside edge with a delivery that zips off the wicket and straightens at pace. That is a dream delivery.

  Dec 07, 2018  06:02 (IST)

Bumrah gets his radar right and both Khawaja and Harris have to defend well. So far, the pair are doing a decent job in rotating the strike. 

  Dec 07, 2018  05:56 (IST)

Right lines and lengths from Ishant Sharma but Marcus Harris shows remarkable calm. Some hint of movement available on the deck but nothing in the air. 

  Dec 07, 2018  05:52 (IST)

Bumrah is struggling to get his radar adjusted and both Harris and Khawaja get going with a couple of runs. The bowler to watch out for, in this deck, will be Ishant and to an extent, Shami. They are hit the deck bowlers, exactly what is needed on this pitch. 

  Dec 07, 2018  05:45 (IST)

What a ball from Ishant Sharma and India strike early. Full ball and nipping back in off the deck, Aaron Finch leaves a gap between bat and pad and the ball crashes into middle and off stump to uproot them out of the ground. Aaron Finch b Ishant Sharma 0. Australia 0/1

  Dec 07, 2018  05:41 (IST)

Well, that ended very quickly. Josh Hazlewood gets Mohammed Shami first ball on day 2 and India are all out for 250. Big responsibility on the Indian pacers now. Overcast conditions and a bit of bounce on offer on this Adelaide wicket. Australia, on the other hand, will be determined to establish a lead. 

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