Tendulkar backs Dhoni’s decision to call off additional training session

Perth, PTI | Updated : 23 February 2015, 12:56 PM

Indian cricket team’s sudden breaks from training session may have raised a few eyebrows but Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s theory got firm backing from Sachin Tendulkar, who feels that an ideal balance needs to be struck between staying fresh and not over burdening with additional practice.

Tendulkar, who was in Melbourne yesterday, to watch the India versus South Africa as ICC’s World Cup Brand Ambassador aired his views on key to success in the mega event.

“To have same successful combination going all the way is going to be key,” Tendulkar was quoted as saying in an audio released in ICC’s official Media Zone.

While Dhoni has always wanted a proper balance between training and recovery, Tendulkar also spoke in the same vein.

One needs to find that balance between staying fresh and not over-burdening yourself with additional practice sessions. You just need to find that right balance. Obviously, if somebody is not playing well, then he needs to go out and hit as many balls as possible or bowl as many deliveries possible.

But if everything is going well, it is important to save that energy and one peak at the right time, Tendulkar’s advice for title contenders seem to echo Dhoni’s sentiments.

Tendulkar said that introduction of T20  and the new fielding restrictions have instilled a self belief that even an asking rate of 9 or more can be chased down.

There are two reasons that we are getting so many high-scoring games. Firstly, the rule-change. There is one fielder less outside the circle. That makes a huge difference.  The game opens up completely. It becomes difficult for bowlers to find those areas to bowl, as one less fielder forces you to bowl differently, Tendulkar explained.

Another reason is the introduction of T20 which allowed batsmen to play more risky and innovative shots. The guys have practised a lot in the nets. How many times would you have seen in the 80’s or 90’s that batsmen playing reverse sweep to fast bowlers which happens in today’s cricket?

First Published: Monday, February 23, 2015 12:53 PM
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