Venn Diagrams will make you go ROFL, don't believe us? Find out here

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 30 August 2018, 07:45 PM
Funny Venn diagrams are cracking up the internet
Funny Venn diagrams are cracking up the internet

Venn diagrams are back in style, but this time they will make you go ROFL. The then mathematical equations are now trending online with a dose of laughter. Cybernauts are going crazy over the latest venn diagram memes that has gone viral on Twitter. The viral fad started when Twitter user Adam Levy shared a post showing what preachers, DJs, and bank robbers have in common. Although Levy tweeted it out first, it was Twitter user Chelo, whose tweet went viral.

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While Netizens across the globe are coming up with their own creative version of the DJ Venn diagram, Indian users have added a pinch of the desi twist. Indian brands such as Zomato and have also used this Midas meme touch to garner much attention.

Though the Venn diagrams during school days were not so easy to understand, these adaptations will literally crack you up. Here are some the funniest Venn diagram memes: 

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