OnePlus 5T launch: The bezel-less OnePlus smartphone is here

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 16 November 2017, 11:02 PM
Live | OnePlus launch: The Bezel-Less OnePlus Flagship is Here (Source: OnePlus India Twitter)
Live | OnePlus launch: The Bezel-Less OnePlus Flagship is Here (Source: OnePlus India Twitter)

Good news for gadgets and gizmo lovers who have been waiting with eyes wide open for the OnePlus 5T and the hype that surrounds it.

The company has finally unveiled its new flagship at an event in New York, bringing to the fans the next flagship-class smartphone with bezel-less design.


#"I know a lot of you feel like OnePlus is also your company...when you share feedback, we know you genuinely want to see us improve. For all the support you’ve shown us, and even the criticism you’ve given us, we’re incredibly grateful."

#The company said, "Buying a phone often involves a lot of middle men, each taking a cut of the price. We decided to change this by selling our devices directly to consumers online and working with partners who share our vision of putting the consumer first."

#The company said, "This isn’t just because of the power of our hardware, but also thanks to software improvements made to OxygenOS. As a result, no other smartphone loads up apps and games faster than the OnePlus 5T."

#The company said, "We could pull up a hundred charts showcasing the speed of our phone in different conditions, but you won’t be able to understand unless you try the OnePlus 5T yourself. Once you get used to speed and smoothness of a OnePlus device, it’s hard to go back to anything else."

#The company said, "A lot of you shared very specific feedback on how to improve our stability feature, which we used to push EIS 4K out in the best possible shape. This feature majorly improves the stability of high-resolution videos shot on the OnePlus 5T."

#Excited to see what headphones you plug into the #OnePlus5T's headphone jack!

#The company said, "Based on what we've learnt about our users and about the way they use their smartphone's camera, we decided to focus on improving two key aspects of the OnePlus 5T Dual Camera – Low-light performance and portrait photography."

#The company said, "It’s pretty common for a smartphone to look like an uninspired brick. We did two things to avoid this. First, we arced the design of the OnePlus 5T, making the phone more ergonomic and flexible. Second, is the Horizon Line."

#The company said, "Notice that little smiley? That’s our new Face Unlock feature. With Face Unlock, it takes our camera just 0.4 seconds to recognize your face and unlock your phone. It’s basically instant, and it's one of the fastest facial recognition features on any smartphone."

#The company said, "Szymon explains how it’s hard to describe just how much more natural and immersive your experience becomes once you switch from a 16:9 to an 18:9 display. The closest comparison I can think of is the switching from a tube TV to a wide flat screen."

#The company said, "We don't believe in new and different technologies if they don’t provide a meaningful user benefit. When we make a product decision, we ask ourselves: Would this technology enable us to release a superior product?"

#The company said, "Carl Pei on our history, the highs and lows. He was only 24 when he helped start OnePlus. Can't believe Year 4's almost here."

#Carl takes the Cake at #ANewView! Time to meet the #OnePlus5T

#What makes OxygenOS special? Brian gets real about software on #ANewView at the #OnePlus5TLaunch

#The company said, "New OxygenOS features include Parallel Apps and OnePlus Switch! Which are you most excited for?"

#The company said, "From simple bug fixes to more drastic changes, our open beta testers help us identify and resolve new pain-points every day. It’s all to ensure every software iteration is smooth and clean when it sees a public release."

#So, we set out to refine the experience by focusing on the four key pillars that define OxygenOS as an operating system. These are reliability, efficiency, speed, and user feedback.

First Published: Thursday, November 16, 2017 09:16 PM

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