7 most destructive hurricanes in the history of the United States of America

New Delhi, Tahir Qureshi | Updated : 01 September 2017, 12:50 PM
Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast in August 2005 (File image)
Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast in August 2005 (File image)

In 1984 German rock band Scorpions came out with their super hit single ‘Rock You Like a Hurricane’ and it can be assumed that they got the idea from these gusty, devastating natural phenomenon, the hurricanes, that have become so much intrinsic to the USA, especially the Eastern Coast.

While America is still recovering from the aftermaths of Hurricane Harvey, touted as one of the most destructive storms to hit the country in 50 years, we share with you seven of most destructive hurricanes that have made landfall in the United States of America.

1. Hurricane Hugo, 1989 (File image)

Hurricane Hugo caused extensive damage to life and property as it hit the Southeast United States in September 1989 with wind speed ranging between 140 mph and 160 mph. Hurricane Hugo claimed 34 lives and left nearly 100,000 homeless and resulted in an overall damage of USD 10 billion.

2. Hurricane Irene, 2011 (File image)

Hurricane Irene affected the Caribbean and East Coast of the United States in August 2011. Irene was a destructive tropical cyclone with the wind speed of nearly 100 mph which made landfall in North Carolina and eventually moved towards New York City. According to reports, 49 people died with an estimated damage worth USD 7.3 billion.

3. Great Atlantic Hurricane, 1944 (File image)

Great Atlantic Hurricane darted through a large portion of the United States East Coast in September 1944. It resulted in 64 deaths and damages worth more than USD 100 million.

4. Hurricane Camille, 1969 (File image)

Hurricane Camille made landfall in Mississippi in August 1969. With wind speed reaching over 155 miles per hour, Hurricane Camille resulted in 256 deaths and an estimated damage over USD 1.4 billion.

5. Hurricane Charley, 1992 (File image)

Hurricane Charley made landfall in southwestern Florida in August 1992. It attained wind speed of 150 mph. At least 10 people died while the damages are estimated to be worth USD 15 billion.

6. Hurricane Andrew, 1992 (File image)

Hurricane Andrew hit Bahamas and Florida in August 1992. Its greatest impact was felt in South Florida with wind speed reaching 165 mph. Andrew destroyed more than 124,000 homes leaving 65 people dead and causing damage worth USD 26.5 billion.

7. Hurricane Katrina, 2005 (File image)

Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast in August 2005 with wind speed reaching 140 mph. Hundreds of thousands of people in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama were displaced from their homes while 1,577 people lost their lives. The damage is estimated at more than USD 100 billion.
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