Obamas share their love for spices with Indian-origin kid

Washington, PTI | Updated : 10 July 2013, 05:09 PM

US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle expressed their love for spices and food, with the First Lady telling an Indian-origin kid and her mother that she is a big fan of Indian cuisine.

The Obamas shared these details with 10-year-old Emma, who along with her mother Asha Scielzo met the First couple briefly during a visit to the White House for the second Kids' State Dinner.

"We asked and he (Obama) said that he loves masala (spices)," Scielzo said. "And we asked Ms Obama and she said she loves Indian food," the Indian-American added.

The First Lady also listed an Indian restaurant Rasika in (Washington) DC among her favourites.

"I told her that (Rasika) is my favourite too," Scielzo said.

Her daughter Emma was among the 54 kids invited from across the US after her recipe was one of those selected for being a part of The Healthy Lunchtime Challenge and Kids' "State Dinner" launched by the White House as part of a campaign to counter childhood obesity.

Emma's recipe was Chicken Masala wrap, which she said was inspired by her grandparents.

While addressing children kids at the Kids' State Dinner, President Obama said he liked vegetables more now as compared to when he was a child because of their different preparation, apparently referring to the use of spices.

"When I was a kid my family, when they cooked vegetables, they would just boil them. Remember that?  And they'd get all soft and mushy, and nobody wanted to eat a pea or a Brussels sprout because they tasted horrible because they were all mush," he said.

"And now I actually like vegetables because they're prepared right. So you guys are getting a jump on things because you're figuring that out earlier," the President added.

Talking about his culinary skills, Obama said: "I'm not a great cook and -- I'm not bad, but I don't do it that much. It's hard to find the time. But when I do cook, I'm following a recipe," he said.

"And to think that all of you have invented all this fabulous food just shows how creative you are and it shows that food that tastes good can be healthy, too."

In its second year, the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge initiative invited a parent or guardian to work with their child ages 8-12 to create a lunchtime recipe that is healthy, affordable, original and delicious.

First Published: Wednesday, July 10, 2013 05:02 PM
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