Spreading fears on Iran nuclear deal unhelpful: European Union

Geneva, PTI | Updated : 04 March 2015, 08:40 AM

The European today warned against “spreading fears” about a deal being negotiated with Iran over its nuclear activities and said the nations are getting closer to an agreement over the issue.

Referring to Israel, EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini made an appeal to all public actors to refrain discussing partial details of the ongoing nuclear talks between Iran and the six nations of Germany, the US, France, Russia, the UK and China.

“I appeal to all public actors to facilitate rather than put in danger the diplomatic efforts that are extremely serious, that have been extremely difficult .It has been a long process involving experts at the highest levels. This would in the end bring a result that would bring more security starting from the actors of the region,” he said.

“Especially at this hour that we are approaching a result it is not useful to discuss details, partial details, of what is described news of the deal. The deal is not done until the deal is done. It is not useful to spread fears at this stage.  A deal that can guarantee the security of not only of the region but also of the entire world,” Mogherini added.

His comments came as Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the US Congress today to make public his displeasure of the ongoing nuclear talks at Swiss lakeside town of Montreux.

Netanyahu told the Congress that, “The deal doesn’t block Iran’s path to the bomb. It paves the path for a bomb”.

Toeing the Obama administration stand, however, Mogherini said, “We will not have a deal that is not a good deal”.

Mogherini said that the talks were not only highly political but partially technical also. PTI SRM

First Published: Wednesday, March 04, 2015 07:55 AM
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