UN calls for stronger 'global response' to terrorism, organised crime

United Nations, PTI | Updated : 20 July 2019, 06:28 AM
United Nations (Photo Credit: Twitter)
United Nations (Photo Credit: Twitter)

The UN Security Council called Friday for a better-coordinated "global response" to international terrorism and organised crime by working together to identify and eliminate such threats.

The council unanimously adopted the Peru-drafted resolution, which calls for increased cross-border collaboration in efforts to investigate and dismantle the links between terrorist groups and organized crime networks.

The resolution asks states to "enhance coordination of efforts at all levels in order to strengthen a global response to linkages between international terrorism and organised crime, whether domestic or transnational."

The nature and scope of such linkages could be better understood by combining research, the resolution explained, adding that states should "accelerate the timely exchange of relevant operational information and financial intelligence" regarding terrorist networks' actions.

Additionally, financial intelligence could help states better understand the "nature and scope" of potential links between terrorism and organised crime.

The resolution also called for states to "investigate, disrupt and dismantle organised crime networks" in accordance with national legislation regarding money laundering, corruption and bribery in addition to terrorism.

While speaking, Russia urged its allies in the Security Council not to politicize the question of links between organized crime and terrorism, though without specifying why.

The country emphasised that the work must continue after the resolution's first steps had been taken.

This is not the Council's first attempt at cracking down on international terrorism. In March, it ordered countries worldwide to step up the fight against terrorism financing by ensuring they have laws that make it a serious crime to fund terrorist acts.

First Published: Saturday, July 20, 2019 06:28 AM
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