Travel diary: Some unknown facts about the abode of snow Himachal Pradesh

New Delhi , News Nation Bureau | Updated : 17 January 2016, 12:54 PM

The state of Himachal Pradesh is known for its abundant natural beauty and remains a hot bed for tourists across the country.

Himachal – the humble abode of snow is also known for its mysteries and quite intriguing facts about this state.

Apart from the well known tell tales of the place, here are a few interesting facts about the state for you to read and enjoy:

The Malana Village

There is a village called the Malana Village, a fairly unexplored and hidden village. Malana is also known as ‘The village of Taboos’. The village has its own Greek-resembling beliefs and ways, remains an infamous weed-tourist destination.

Land of Gods and Godesses

Himachal Pradesh is the land of deities, here almost every village has its own gods and goddesses.

Khajjiar Lake

Khajjiar, a hill station in the Chamba district, considered to be our Switzerland has a lake that has a floating island right in its center.

One of the oldest running schools

Himachal also houses some of the oldest running boarding schools since they were first established during the British era.

Kalka-Shimla Rail route

The Kalka-Shimla Rail route, started during the reign of Lord Curzon in November 1903, it is featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for offering the steepest rise in altitude in the space of 96 kilometers. More than two-thirds of the track is curved, sometimes at angles as sharp as 48 degrees.
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