Mars Opposition 2016: The red planet will dazzle the brightest

New Delhi , News Nation Bureau | Updated : 17 May 2016, 06:33 PM
Representational Image
Representational Image

After Mercury’s spectacular event, another celestial event awaits us. This Sunday, May 22, the trio Mars, earth and the sun will all line up with earth directly in the middle of it. During all of this event, Mars will appear the brightest ever in a decade. This phenomenon has been named as opposition of Mars, a great opportunity to explore the red planet.

During opposition, the red planet will be about 47 million miles from Earth. Through medium and large telescopes, spectators will be able to watch the opposition. According to NASA, the best time to see Mars at its brightest is when it is highest in the sky, sometime around midnight in May and a little earlier in June.

The best part about this celestial event is you do not necessarily require telescope or binoculars, it can be viewed with the naked eyes. But using one to view the event would be beneficial.

After eight days, on May 30, Mars and earth will be nearest to each other in their orbits around the sun but the skygazers won’t be able to see much change in the diameter and brightness.

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