How to include fiber into your routine diet

Updated On : 21 Dec , 2016 , 08:47 PM
How to include fiber into your routine diet ( source: PTI)
How to include fiber into your routine diet ( source: PTI)
New Delhi:

Welcome all health conscious people. Well you are at the right place. We all know our diet plays an important role in improving our health. And so today we'll talk about an essential part of diet and how can we do our best in including it our daily routine diet. So here are some tips on how to include fibers in your meal:

Go for cereals in your breakfast:

Prefer whole grain that gives you 4 grams of fiber per serving 

Try to eat 2 apples every day:

Try eating 2 apples every day. Apples contain pectin that gives you a feeling of fullness.

Add some chickpeas to your salad:

A quarter cup of chickpeas contain 5 grams of dietery fiber.


This time add some oatmeal when you take that scoop of ice cream. Or you can also go for ooatmeal cookies. Or add some oatmeal while you bake bread or muffins.


Whole wheat bread:

Opt for whole wheat bread for your sandwich. Infact both for regular bread and whole wheat bread.

First Published : Wednesday, December 21, 2016 08:36 PM


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