Sab Dikhta Hai: The blind cricketers keep the show running

30 August 2017, 11:34 PM

If you pass by a person who is specially gifted and have showed pity on his condition now is the time to change your believes.

These specially gifted people do not need anyone's sympathy.

News Nation has taken the initiative to bring change in the mindset of the people against specially gifted.

In our program ‘Sab Dikhta Hai’  we will introduce you with people who have never seen the colours from their birth or lost their eyes due to various reasons.

These specially gifted people will prove your thoughts wrong. These people do not need our sympathy but they surely need our support as our government has failed to come up with programs to nourish the qualities of people born with the special gift.

We all all know the Indian Cricket team captain Virat Kohli and his team. The whole country comes together praying in different languages for their win but many hardly know about the cricketers who are blind and still play the game with same enthusiasm as our regular players.

We are talking about blind cricket where unlike the regular game ballers ball under arm. The batsman and fielders identify the position of the ball from the sound coming out from the ball.

One might feel the game might be boring but when you see them playing the game you will definitely stand, take sides and cheer for them.

Let's take you to State High School in Rajasthan’s Ajmer were dozens of blind cricketers gather to play the game.

Meet Islam Ali, an under-arm baller and captain of Rajasthan blind cricket team. It was tough for him in the initial days but with time and support of his coach he excelled in the game.

People who have seen him growing say that Ali never thought that success was not for him. He worked hard in the fields and reached the position where he is now.

Ali talking to News Nation said, “The game has some tough rules. We enjoy playing the game.”

Like Ali, Mohmmad Azam plays the game with high spirits and wishes to represent the country in the international level.  

He says, “When God takes away something he gives you something special.”

First Published: Wednesday, August 30, 2017 10:36 PM
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