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How fashion icons defied time and age and continue to inspire the GLAM world

New Delhi, News Nation Bereau | Updated : 19 August 2018, 09:28 AM

The 20th century silver screen actors have added much to the world of glamour and the fashion industry to become fashion icons. They defied time and age and showed the many different sides of fashion to become icons. While today's Instagram feeds are filled with the lifestyle of Kendall Jenner, Paris Hilton, Olsen twins, Blake Lively and so on, no time beats the grace and elegance than that of classic beauties such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and the likes.

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The world of fashion has been evolving and trends are always changing, but the undying style and fads these fashion icons flaunted goes to prove that their fashion statement will continue to live on till time goes on. Fashion designers draw inspiration from them. Their style and fashion statements continue to influence millions of fashionistas the world over for years, so why not get the best fashion hacks from this fashion icons.

Grace Kelly

A fashion icon with the name grace in itself, Grace Kelly also known as Princess Grace of Monaco lived as the epitome of grace. This Hollywood actor's sophisticated style was flawless. Her fashion taste consisted of the classic feminine dresses and tailored ensembles made her one of the most influential fashion icons of her time.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Apart from being the wife of the 35th president of the United States, Jacqueline Kennedy was also better known for her iconic fashion sense. She embodies what simplicity yet chic is at its finest. This fashion icon reshaped fashion’s view of conservative clothes, leaving a legacy behind which fashion lovers now strive to arrive at. From boxy Chanel suits to Halston pillbox hats to flared hipster trousers Jacqueline is to thank for.

Elizabeth Taylor

A beauty in its superlative, Elizabeth Taylor’s fashion sense stretches to what was known as fearless. She and glamour went hand in hand and she also made sure to leave a hint wherever she went. From plunging necklines, fur wraps, feather boas, to eye catching accessories, this Queen of Diamonds is sure an idol of every Paris or London’s inspired look.

Marilyn Monroe

When we talk of the 20th century sexiest women in the world, Marilyn Monroe tops the list even to this day. Known as the sex symbol of the glam world, Marilyn paved the way for Hollywood luxurious trends. From her classic blond dyed hair, to the glossy red lipstick and the high-waisted bikinis, her legacy continues to inspire generations.
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